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Attention: Awakening Women In Transition, Creative Messengers And Leaders Of Love Who Want To Prioritize And Develop Self-Care Habits To Unlock Their Great Potential, Get Their Life Back And Sparkle!

The YES! TO Love Academy Will Help You Live With Heart And Be The Leader Of Your Life so That You Can Increase Your Happiness Tenfold Without Feeling Overwhelmed And Get Your Sparkle Back!


It's The Happiness Movement For:


I am a lot happier
"I needed a reset in my life and found out what direction to take next. The course helped me immensely to find out where to go from here. Each week I could just see the progress building up, which brought me to the point where I realised there were so many other things out there I wanted to do. The course has brought me mainly a lot more happiness in my life."

I Attracted New Clients

"I joined The Success Checklist Coaching programme because I wanted to build self-confidence, gain clarity in my business and generally just be clear about the direction I want to take in my life.

I was delighted because it was essential for me to get regular support. I got profound insights that were directly clarifying my situation."

YES! TO Love Academy includes the live personal transformation and success events by  the bestselling author Pascale Gibon

How can you benefit from joining The YES! TO Love Academy:

Members of The YES! TO Love Academy call themselves inner truth explorers who learn how to master true love to transform inner chaos into inner peace, balance and resilience.

  • Live an abundant, vibrant and joyful life from the inside out: we will explore together The YES! To Love Quadrant to master true love and live an abundant and joyful life.

  • Get your life back and make your life work: learn how to make you life work from the inside out. Live with Heart and learn the artful way of transforming fear into love.

  • Get Balance and create harmonious relationships, including the relationship with yourself.

  • Be a powerful force for positive change in the world.

  • Find freedom: get peace of mind, and manage your inner chaos to transform your outer chaos and live the life you dream of and deserve.

Meet Pascale Gibon

I am an author, healer and personal development coach.

I help awakening women in life transition, creative messengers and leaders of love to unleash their authentic voices so that they can self-actualise through guidance, empowerment and improvement. However, don't take my word for it...

* Gabriella needed a boost in self-confidence and more clarity around her life and business. As a result of working with me, she found the courage and confidence to launch her own business and made a significant step toward progress in her work and self-development."

* Vivienne felt that she had reached a deadlock in her life and needed a reset. She wanted change however her main challenge was her resistance to it.  As a result of working with me, she felt empowered: she awakened her inner potential, grew in awareness and found her mojo again. She is happier in her life.

Pascale Gibon Photo - Founder of YES To Training, YES To Love Academy and Creator of The Love, Rise, Shine Method.

What Will You Get:

YTLA We are Live! with Pascale Gibon

Live Masterclasses

As a member of the YES! TO Love Academy you get direct access to Pascale as she takes you through the YES! TO Love Quadrant: 
Peace and Purpose
Self Reflection For Inner Peace, Joy & Happiness - Training With Pascale Gibon

Get Inner Peace

Start transforming your inner and outer chaos with a step-by-step process of self-reflection to get clear on your next path and create balance and harmony in your life.

Self Reflection For Inner Peace - Building A Community With Pascale Gibon

Exclusive Community

Join the vibrant, exclusive and private community of members who want to fuel their love, live with heart and regain their enthusiasm for life.

What makes this community different from other Personal Development communities?

The YES! TO Love Academy offers a clear framework for transformation called: The YES! TO Love Quadrant to Master True Love.

Members of The YES! TO Love Academy have a great vision for their lives and the world.

  • They commit to Love, Peace And Freedom.
  • They commit to prioritizing self-care to unlock their great potential
  • They commit to getting their life and sparkle back.

Moreover, they understand that in the world we live in, happiness is underrated. However, they are committed to elevating their energy frequency so that love, not fear becomes their life's driving force and as a result, they live their life powerfully.

They are ready to say Yes! to Love.
The YES! TO Love Academy Quadrant

Become A Yes! To Love Academy Member:

YES! TO Love Academy Membership - Pascale Gibon
The YES! TO Love Quadrant - The Four Stages - The YES! TO Love Academy

Great! I want to transform my life from the inside out, get my sparkle back and get access to the exclusive YES! TO Love Academy community as a Founding Member

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