"I Believe That Life Transitions Are Opportunities For Growth And Transformation."

Harness The Power of Love For Personal Transformation, To Improve The Quality Of Your Life And To Achieve A Greater Sense Of Fulfilment And Balance.

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Ready to Embrace Your Journey Towards Freedom?

Hello, passionate pathfinder!

Welcome to this transformative space. I am thrilled you have found your way to this corner of the internet!

I am Pascale Gibon. I am not just a coach - I am your partner in reclaiming your freedom during life's most transformative moments.

Life transitions can be both exciting and overwhelming, often leaving us craving a sense of direction. If you are a woman entering a new chapter, longing to break free from the conventional and pursue your true path, you are in the right place. As a fellow traveller on this beautiful life's journey, I understand the challenges that can arise – the questioning, the seeking, and the exhilarating desire for an authentic life. I get it because I have been there too.

My coaching services are tailor-made specifically for extraordinary women like you, brave souls navigating change and seeking guidance and empowerment. Together, we will dive deep into your journey, uncovering your passions, strengths, dreams and aspirations. I am not here to provide you with all the answers; I am here to empower you to unveil your own.

Through our transformative sessions, we will map out a holistic roadmap that navigates the practical aspects of change and nurtures your emotional well-being. From career transitions to personal transformation, from mastering work-life balance to embracing self-care, we will create a plan that speaks to your unique needs. Our holistic approach invites heart-to-heart conversations, heartfelt connections, and a safe space to explore.

If you prefer a group setting, we are also about sisterhood. Imagine having a supportive community of kindred spirits - women who, just like you, are on a transformative journey. This supportive community is here to lift you up during challenges, remind you that you are never alone and celebrate every step you take towards your version of freedom.

We have designed our coaching journey to empower you to embrace your authentic self: your strengths, passions, and values are at the core of every decision you make.

And guess what? Our partnership does not just end when the transition dust settles. We are here for the long run, providing the necessary tools and strategies to cultivate resilience, adaptability, and a deep sense of self-discovery. Your journey to fulfilment is not a fleeting moment but a lifelong journey.

So, are you ready to embrace the full spectrum of your potential, stand tall in your authenticity, and chart the course of your heart's authentic desires? If so, let's connect and explore how my coaching can support you in pursuing your true path during life's remarkable transitions.

Your freedom is calling - I cannot wait to see where it takes you.

Ready to take the first step? Click on the button below so that I assist you on your healing and personal transformation journey.

With Love and gratitude

Who Would Most Benefit From Pascale's Personalised 1:1 And Group Coaching Packages

Personal Growth - Pascale Gibon Freedom Coaching - www.pascalegibon.com

Personal Growth

Women seeking personal growth and who are on a journey of self-improvement and personal development.

Women in Life Transitions - Pascale Gibon Freedom Coaching - www.pascalegibon.com

Women Facing Life Transitions

If you are undergoing significant life changes or transitions, such as career shifts, relationship changes or personal milestones let's work on your life change success.

Highly stressed professional - Pascale Gibon Freedom Coaching - www.pascalegibon.com

Professionals in High-Stress Environments

Use love as your transformative power for self-care, to manage stress and achieve balance.

Creatives - Pascale Gibon Freedom Coaching - www.pascalegibon.com


Women seeking personal growth and who are on a journey of self-improvement and personal development.

Women Empowerment - Pascale Gibon Freedom Coaching - www.pascalegibon.com

Women Seeking Empowerment

Overcome your self-limitations to unlock your full potential and live a meaningful, fulfilling and balanced life.

Key Benefits of Pascale's 1:1 Personalised Packages

Pascale's Personal Development And Success coaching package "Get Your Life Back" starts first with a clarity breakthrough session where together we will determine your needs, and whether we can work together and draw a personal development plan of action.

Here is what you can expect from your one-on-one coaching sessions with Pascale.

   Personalised approach, service and support: receive personalised one-on-one service and support during each session to meet your needs and goals (Pascale is highly intuitive). This approach is based on a deep understanding of each client's unique circumstances, challenges, and aspirations, and is designed to help them achieve their desired outcomes.

Empowerment-focused: Pascale focuses on helping her clients take ownership of their lives and make meaningful changes that align with their values and priorities. She provides tools and strategies that help clients build their self-awareness, confidence, and resilience, so they can navigate transitions with greater ease and grace.

Holistic perspective: as a Freedom Coach, Pascale takes a holistic approach to coaching that recognizes the interdependence of different aspects of a person's life, including career, relationships, health, and spirituality. She helps clients identify and address any areas of imbalance or dissonance, so they can live a more fulfilling and integrated life.

Results-oriented: Pascale is committed to delivering results that matter to her clients, whether it's finding a new career path, improving a relationship, or cultivating a deeper sense of purpose and fulfilment. She uses evidence-based techniques and methods that have been proven to be effective in helping people achieve their goals.

Self-awareness: become more self-aware so that you increasingly get to know yourself, align your being with what you desire and transcend self-limitations.

Implementation: we will design a clear and personalised step-by-step action plan so that you can experience soulful transformation, be proactive and make empowered decisions.

 Authenticity and empathy: Pascale brings a high level of authenticity and empathy to her coaching relationships, creating a safe and supportive environment where clients can be themselves and share their challenges and aspirations without fear of judgment. She is genuinely invested in her clients' success and well-being and works collaboratively with them to help them achieve their full potential.

Accountability and motivation: accountability is a powerful motivator when it comes to achieving goals. Be guided and be held accountable so that you can stay on track and live the extraordinary life you are meant to live faster.

Focus: be more focused and disciplined so that you can develop greater personal leadership skills and be in flow.

  Investment in yourself: investing in a coaching package is an investment in yourself and your next level of progress. 

  Complimentary Clarity Call: each package also includes a complimentary Clarity Call to ensure that we are a good fit before we get started.

About Your Freedom Coach: Pascale Gibon

Meet Pascale, The Freedom Coach, your ultimate guide to improving your overall well-being and life balance as well as fulfilling your vision and dreams faster than you ever thought possible.
With an unwavering dedication to empowering women in life transitions, Pascale possesses an innate ability to catalyze transformative change. Her mission is to guide women on a profound journey of self-discovery, enabling them to unlock their true potential and align their soul's purpose with their everyday lives.
Pascale's unique talent lies in helping women embrace their greatness wholeheartedly, paving the way for a happier, healthier, and more fulfilling existence while making a positive impact on the world.
As a Master Results Coach, Licensed LifeSuccess Consultant, Certified Trainer in Jack Canfield's Success Principles, Passion Test Facilitator, and Reiki healer, Pascale brings a wealth of expertise to her practice. She leverages proven tools, processes, and techniques to propel her clients towards realizing their dreams swiftly. In addition, Pascale has developed a robust system that ensures her clients consistently achieve their desired outcomes.
With Pascale as your guiding force, you can expect to surpass your expectations and manifest your aspirations faster than you ever thought possible. Embark on a life-transforming journey with The Freedom Coach and unlock the limitless potential within you.

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Pascale Gibon Founder of YES! To Training, YES! To Love Academy and creator of the LRS Method with Brian Tracy.

"I have learned so much from Pascale with regard to improving the quality of my life, building my self-confidence and following my heart" ~ Kate Picon

"Pascale has done a remarkable job of transforming our lives into lives of love."

~ Marci Shimoff, NY Times #1 Bestselling Author of 'Love For No Reason'

"Pascale can truly transform your life, follow her coaching." ~ Kay Steele

"I had a series of coaching sessions with Pascale and found her work to be really transformational because it helped me remove certain emotional blocks and move forward with my life." ~ Jamie Passmore

If You Are Ready To Take The First Step Towards A More Fulfilling Life, I Invite You To Book A Complimentary Transformational Consultation Today. Let's Work Together To Initiate Your Personal Growth And Transformation And Create A Life You Love.

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