What Makes You Feel Alive…?

The quality of the questions you ask yourself will determine the quality of your life. When you ask yourself empowering questions such as “what makes me feel alive?” you improve the quality of your life dramatically.

“What makes you feel alive…?” is an important question to ask yourself when you want to experience joy in your life and increase your emotional satisfaction.

Living your life purposefully is a very hot and popular topic in personal development and something that is sought by individuals in general. Living your life purposefully matters because according to scientific research purposefulness has many health benefits.


  • increases your happiness and well-being
  • motivates you and increases your enthusiasm
  • brings a smile to your face
  • increases your energy levels and drive
  • gives you momentum
  • allows you to be mindful and conscious of the simple things in life that make you feel alive: love, beauty, harmony, joy, passion, collaboration, relationship, peace, energy, creativity etc
  • gives you a sense of worthiness
  • stops you from being constantly engaged in meaningless tasks
  • creates emotional balance
  • gives you an upbeat reason to get up in the morning
  • helps you self-realize

If you feel stuck in your life and your career right now and you wonder what step to take next, I encourage you to ask yourself this question:

“What makes me feel alive…?”

This powerful question allows you to review your life, to consider your values and to ask yourself whether you live a purposeful life which includes the things you love.

To help you live your life purposefully I have shared with you in The Purposeful Life Checklist, 21 signs that you are living your life on purpose.

When you take the time to find the answers within, you will align your personality with your soul and live your life more authentically. Your lack of joy could be due to you losing touch with what makes you feel alive.

Do you wonder sometimes what makes you feel alive? It you doubt yourself and you wonder what the next right step is for you it is time to review your values.

What do you value the most in life?

You experience joy when you live your life purposefully.

For more guidance on how you can move forward in your life, you can read my article 3 Signs That You Are At A Turning Point In Your Life.

Question to regain your zest for life:

Get in touch with what makes you feel alive today by reviewing your passions and assessing whether what you love is present or not in your life right now? If not, how could you include it?

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