Our thoughts are powerful.

Our words carry positive or negative energy and can be encouraging or hurtful.

The great industrialist, Andrew Carnegie, shared the concept of organised thinking in an interview with Napoleon Hill on success and personal mastery.

He said: “Success is always the result of an ordered life. An ordered life comes through organised thinking and carefully controlled habits."

This definition of success is worth going through in detail. More specifically, I will cover three ideas that lead to a successful life, according to Andrew Carnegie.

Let us look at the first idea. Success is always the result of an ordered life. The success principle of order meets that of the spiritual teachers who say that clarity starts with an orderly mind.

  • What comes to your mind when you think of an ordered life?


I share with my students the success principle of clearing up your incompletes. As a result of clearing up your incompletes, you create order since you complete what you believe matters and needs completion on the one hand and let go of anything outstanding you have not completed and never will. This process is a great way to create order in your mind and life. It also clears some space for something new.

The second great idea that stands out in Andrew Carnegie’s definition of success is that of self-discipline. It takes self-discipline to create an orderly life and controlled habits. It is challenging to create an orderly life and controllable habits without self-discipline.

Self-discipline is a level of awareness whereby you give yourself a command and follow it. Self-discipline creates order. I hope you can see the theme here in this episode as we go through Andrew Carnegie’s definition of success.

Now let us go through the third idea, which is the second sentence: “An ordered life comes through organised thinking and carefully controlled habits.” This definition suggests that an ordered life results from organised thinking and controllable habits. You can distinguish two keywords: thinking and habits. There are also two attributes organised and controllable.

To experience success, you need both organised thinking habits and controllable habits. I believe that a controllable habit is one that you do systematically and consistently. In addition, it helps you get great results.

Andrew Carnegie’s definition of success is life-changing and worth implementing if you want order and life success.

Taking the time to think in an organised way leads to an ordered life and success.

To put this in the context of a more balanced and harmonious life, how could you take some time to develop organised thinking habits?

Your organised thinking habits must lead to great results and be something you do consistently for even greater results.

Let me give you an example: how do you plan your week? Do you take time on Sundays, for example, to plan a beautiful week ahead? This organised thinking habit is a great way to look forward to the week with clarity.

Since organised thinking goes hand in hand with organised planning you will surely experience higher levels of efficiency and productivity and a more balanced and harmonious life.

It is clear from Andrew Carnegie’s definition of success that developing organised thinking habits would help you move from chaos to clarity in an organised way.

If you struggle with routine and procrastination, how could you integrate developing organised thinking habits into your life,

To put the idea of organised thinking habits into practice, where in your life do you need to integrate more organised thinking? That is a strategic way of thinking that would give you results instead of trading aimlessly.

Remember that now is your time to transform your life one step at a time.

You cannot improve your life and experience success without an organised thinking process. One of my mentors, Bob Proctor, used to say that the problem with most people is that they do not really think.

Try this now, put your organised thinking hat on and start to integrate organised thinking habits into your life. This will help you improve your decision-making process with confidence.

Take some time now to create an ordered life through organised thinking.


Key step to accelerate your success:

  • Reflect on how you can create an ordered life through organised thinking.

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