Uncover Two Powerful Steps To Clarify Your Goals For The New Year

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This article follows the New Year, New You principle.

Let us welcome 2022 and embrace the new year with vigour!

Towards the end of last year, I recommended you start preparing for 2022.

You need to bear in mind the following two principles as your foundation for success:

  1. What you put your energy into grows.
  2. Tony Robbins says that the quality of our questions determines the quality of our lives. This life perspective is transformational, and I always use this process to find clarity. Keep cultivating the habit of asking yourself powerful questions so that you can continue to develop personally and unleash your inner power.

Since 2019, I have set intentions, not resolutions, at the beginning of a new year. As you know, making resolutions does not work because they require a tremendous amount of self-discipline and commitment to taking consistent actions. An intention works better because it reminds you what you wish to set your mind on throughout the year.

For example, you might intend to invite more peace, joy and happiness into your life. Or it could be more discipline, better time management, quality relationships etc. Whatever your intention, you will stick to it throughout the year and commit to returning to it when you need to feel more centred and balanced.

I now set three intentions at the beginning of the year.

I intend in this article to help you set your intentions for 2022 and clarify your goals.

Before you set your intentions for 2022, I want to remind you of the three controllable ways you can create positive and effective change in your life.

  1. Stop doing what does not work
  2. Keep doing what works
  3. Try something new and see if it works.

Take some time now to reflect on this process to create change.

  1. What did not work well for you last year? 
  2. What are you willing to keep doing this year? 
  3. What are your new goals? And what are the new things you choose to create? 

Let me share the objective of this three-step process:

  • As you focus your attention on doing what works and trying something new, what are your goals for this year?
  • The effective way to ease this process is to measure what worked and did not work for you last year.
  • As you seek to improve the quality of your life, what do you commit to doing differently or introducing in your life?

Your first step to clarify your goals in 2022 is to review the three controllable ways to create positive change in your life.

Your second step is to clarify your intentions for this year.

Take some time to reflect on the following and make a decision:

  • What are the three intentions that will help you enjoy the most personal success this year? 

Once you have your three intentions, please write them down. Keep them somewhere visible to remind you that these are the three intentions you set for this year. Remember that you must commit to sticking to these three intentions because they matter to you the most for your personal success. 

I trust that with clear goals you can create an even better one than last year. 

Remember that now is your time to transform your life one step at a time!

Action step to accelerate your success:

Below is a reminder of your high-value action steps to clarify your goals in 2022:

  • Review the three controllable ways to create positive change if you desire a very successful year and improve the quality of your life.
  • Set three intentions for this year to build your personal success.

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