An imbalance is too much on one side and not enough on the other. Or an uneven quilt.

How can you create more balance in your life for greater happiness?

Hurray, throughout the month of June, we will celebrate the launch of The Everyday Life Balance Show. It happened five years ago, on the 2nd of June 2017.

Wow! time flies, and it has been a fantastic journey. I love sharing my insights with you and providing value. 

Since we are nearly halfway through the year, let us review the goals you set for this year.

How are you getting on?

I hope you are winning and experiencing micro-wins through consistent efforts.

I’m curious, have you set goals on your list that create an imbalanced or balanced life?

In other words, does your list of goals for this year contain just things related to your career, or does it include specific goals related to your health, family life, contribution, spirituality and fun time, for example?

When you look at the Wheel of Life, it includes various aspects of living your life holistically and ensuring mind, body, soul and work balance. The Wheel of Life incorporates your career, finances, health, relationships, family life, personal growth, spirituality, contribution, and fun time.

Why does it matter?

Have you considered this? You put all of your energy into your business and experienced success. However, your success comes at a cost; you neglected your family on your journey to success.

If this is you, you might say: "I do not have the time for both." And my answer to this is that you need to make the time, and you can make it work if you set your family life or relationships as a goal. Remember that what gets scheduled gets done.

What about you being wealthy monetarily but unhappy because you have not found inner peace? Monetary abundance without inner peace or happiness is difficult. 

What about you go about your life and neglect your health completely, even though they are signs telling you to rest more, improve your sleep, exercise more or improve your diet. You know all this, but you ignore it all.

My point is that whenever you set goals for your life, you need to choose a more holistic perspective so that you create harmony in all aspects of your life instead of one or two.

For example, many people have not travelled for nearly two years which is a disservice to their souls. How can you include more fun time this year?

To keep moving forward, I recommend that you review now your goal for this year but with a twist:

  1. Measure where you are. Measuring reveals how you are doing.
  2. Include all the elements I have mentioned to live a balanced life, if you have not done so. The areas are your career, finances, health, relationships, family life, personal growth, spirituality, contribution, and fun time and measure on a scale of 1 to 10 how you are progressing. In addition, there are many Wheels of Life you can download on the internet, or you can design your own.  
  3. Continue to make consistent efforts to progress and accomplish your goals.

Your Wheel Of Life needs to include the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual to enhance wellness and happiness.

This holistic view of life gives you space to create a magical and exciting life. It gives you the opportunity to seize all that life has to offer and reminds you of the beauty of life. Above all, it stops you from hitting burnout and includes all aspects of your life as part of your goal setting principle.


Key steps to accelerate your success:

  • Review your list of goals for this year and see whether it creates life in balance.
  • When you set your goals ensure that your Wheel of Life includes the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.

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