“Calmness of mind is one of the beautiful jewels of wisdom” – James Allen.

There are times when one imbalanced area in our lives disrupts our inner peace enormously. However, it is necessary to view your situation holistically so that you do not fall into the ‘Ain’t It Awful Club and never see a way out.

A holistic approach to the imbalance is to focus on ways to create more harmony by making sure you do not neglect areas in your life that keep you in check.

For example: if the imbalance is in your work life, you need to make sure you counterbalance the job dissatisfaction with keeping your energy up by following your exercise routine and good nutrition. Another way to offset job dissatisfaction is by creating a harmonious relationship at home.

In other words, wherever there is an imbalance in one area of your life, try to create harmony in other areas as much as possible. Neutralising the imbalance with a workable solution is a more holistic approach than having imbalances in all areas of your life like your love life, professional life, finances, health, personal growth etc.

The 8th path to inner peace is to adopt a carefree attitude.

Adopting a carefree attitude leads to a sense of lightness and is necessary when things get too much, and your mind is not at peace.

Here are a few prerequisites for developing a carefree attitude:

  • Have hope and faith in your heart.
  • Keep an open mind and be willing to bounce back no matter what.
  • Move away from a defeatist attitude and fill your mind with optimism.
  • Believe that: “This too shall pass.”
  • Become light-hearted.
  • Bring laughter to certain situations you put yourself in.

I want you to fall in love with the idea that everything is energy and in constant motion and mutation.; nothing is fixed. 

For example, is your life today the same as it was ten years ago? 

Since everything is energy and constant motion and mutation changing your emotional state is possible, shifting the energy around a situation is also possible. You do that through your thoughts and the objective way you change your perception of the problem altogether.

I remember watching this video of a man running fast, and another man was chasing him. As we were watching, thoughts that came to mind were that perhaps the man running for his life stole something and was being pursued or that he did something wrong. So on the first impression, we had a negative perception of the man being chased. It turned out that he was running late for his train and a shop assistant was chasing him to return the credit card he left in the card machine. As a result, our whole perception of the scenario and the man being chased changed. The lesson here is that we can view things from various angles and get different results. Perception is a life-changing tool. You can powerfully use perception to change your thinking and, as a result, make healthy changes in your life.

The same applies to your workbook of problems waiting to be solved. If you adopt a defeatist attitude to life whereby things will never change, and you will never see the light at the end of the tunnel, this is the opposite of a carefree attitude. 

A carefree attitude believes that everything is possible and fills you with optimism and faith. A carefree attitude comes with wisdom and the understanding that everything that happens to you in life serves a purpose and is based on the philosophy that life’s lessons exist for your personal growth. 

Can you see how adopting a carefree attitude will lighten up your heart?

Here are ways other people might not be carefree:

  • They feel guilty all the time, and the sense of guilt is disempowering and frustrating.
  • They worry too much about what should have been or what should be.
  • They feel overburdened by complaining all the time and dissatisfied.
  • They resist change and find it difficult to let go.

Please consider your challenging situation right now and envision how you could be more carefree and bring light-heartedness into it. This could be in the way you view it, think and feel about it and behave?

Remember that life loves you and is always happening FOR you if you are willing to become curious, learn and gain wisdom from your life’s lessons.

Do you remember the time you had a challenge you managed to face? You now have a carefree attitude about it because you laugh at it and yourself. You laugh at it in disbelief or simply because it is laughable.

Adopt a carefree attitude to whatever challenge you might have right now to boost your inner peace.

Key steps to accelerate your success:

In what area of your life could you adopt a more carefree attitude?

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