“Calmness of mind is one of the beautiful jewels of wisdom” – James Allen.

You are at a crossroad now where you can imagine new possibilities for your life. 

Since The Journey To Inner Peace Series is a 10-part series and we are more than halfway through, here is a summary of the various paths to inner peace you have learnt so far in the series:

Path #1: Take 100% responsibility for your life to make your desired healthy changes.

Path #2: Trust the breath of life by taking a deep breath.

Path #3: Be intentional so that you cultivate peace daily.

Path #4: Harness the gift of awareness without which it is impossible to progress.

Path #5: Become an efficient problem solver to release yourself from victimhood.

Let me ask you a fundamental and transformative question: What if love was the answer to your inner peace?

The concept of love as the answer to your inner peace relates to the 6th path on your journey to peace: Say YES! To Love.

I want you to consider the times when your attitude to life is not based on love but on fear.

  • What are the consequences of such an attitude?
  • How does it serve your peace?

I want you to imagine if your attitude to life was based on love every day how it would dissipate your inner turmoil, increase your happiness and harmony.

Just visualise this scenario:

You are now going through the pain of a breakup which disrupts your inner peace. You are an emotional roller coaster; sometimes, you feel you can go through it unaffected. Other times, you feel angry, resentful or guilty all at the same time.

However, in response to your inner turmoil, if you were to say YES! to love for the sake of greater peace of mind, what would be the outcome

  • Could it be calmness of mind, more openness, an open heart, compassion, hope, faith and even forgiveness?
  • You would be willing to live your life positively with love insight.
  • You would be ready to master your emotions to increase your wellness.
  • You would expand faster your ability to bounce back from the breakup.

I believe it is an illusion to think that your heart is broken. No matter your circumstances, love never leaves you. However, what creates the heartache is the way your view the situation. Love is always there seeking unconditional expression; it remains unchangeable and gives you the pass to freedom. 

Should you want to receive your pass to freedom for more peace in your life, commit to saying YES! To Love more often.

Life is a workbook of problems to be solved; therefore, Saying YES! to love or to solve your life’s issues from the perspective of love is a committed decision. Your resolute decision to say YES! to love shows that you are willing to let go of the negative emotional roller coaster or mental attitude that generates too much inner turmoil, keeps you stuck and increases your suffering.

Love is the answer and allow yourself to explore the various dimensions of love for inner peace.

Key step to accelerate your success:

Reflect and act on this fundamental and transformative question:

  • What would your life be like if the basis of your attitude to life was love itself? Would it transform your life, would it bring you more peace?

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