“Calmness of mind is one of the beautiful jewels of wisdom” – James Allen.

You will discover in this blog article the fifth path to inner peace which results from your ability to grow in awareness and take action.

The fifth path to inner peace is, therefore, to become an efficient problem solver.

Indeed, you will experience greater inner peace and increase your wellness to the extent that you can release any disturbance to peace fast.

Let me give you an example if you find yourself getting angry or frustrated, the quicker you release these negative emotions, the faster you will be with peace. 

In today’s world, it is easy to get very impatient. I caught myself being impatient recently. Here is what I do when I get impatient. Due to my awareness, I self-reflect when I am impatient and invite more patience into my consciousness. As a result, I trust divine timing more because I know that life is full of lessons to be learnt. In other words, if something is not happening the way you want, it is most certainly because further growth on your part is required.

Below are some valuable tips you can follow now to release anything that gets in the way of your peace: 

1st tip: Do some breathing exercises to calm the mind and release physical tension.

2nd tip: Release the frustration and replace it with physical exercise, for example. Many people say that when they feel stressed out, they release the stress through physical activity. As you know, physical exercise releases happy hormones; endorphins and is, therefore, an excellent antidote to holding on to stress, negative emotions or thoughts.

3rd tip: Release the negative thoughts and feelings through a very effective technique like EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique. By tapping on particular points, you reduce and release any emotional stress and return to a greater sense of balance. I highly recommend your lookup videos on Emotional Freedom Technique and try EFT Tapping for yourself.

4th tip: Refrain from blaming your circumstances. When you do so, I recommend you observe whether there is something within yourself that makes you unhappy. It could be your attitude towards others or something that is not meeting your expectations and frustrates you.

5th tip: Change your negative mental attitude into a positive one by changing your perception. Let me remind you here the magic of changing your perception into something far more positive. You can reflect upon this idea that: "When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change."

6th tip: Self-reflect on what creates the frustration and release fast whatever you need to let go of to be peaceful again. If, for example, you are not getting the result you desire on a project fast enough. Your frustration could be due to impatience. In this case, you need to exert more patience and give things time.

This might be something difficult to do sometimes when we grow into a society of instant gratification. However, according to the laws that govern the universe, the Law of Gender stipulates that your goals will manifest when the time is right. Know that they will.

7th tip: Have some guidelines regarding how you want to create wellness daily. These guidelines would be the wellness routine you follow daily for greater inner peace. It could be in the form of spiritual practice, journaling, meditating, gratefulness exercise, breathing, releasing or letting go activities, prayer, physical exercise or relaxation like massage or reflexology etc.

You can try different wellness tips daily and see which one works for you best. You will find that the disturbers to your peace return when for example you neglect your wellness routine. Therefore, it is necessary that you prioritise your daily wellness routine.

The critical point to remember is that the quicker you release the disrupters to your inner peace, the faster you return to peace.

What other people do is hold on to the negativity or problems for too long. Whereas what is necessary to experience more peace is to develop the habit of releasing quickly anything that gets in the way of your peace.

Develop the skill of problem-solving for more peace of mind. The seven tips mentioned above can help you do that.

Increase your wellness daily by cultivating peace of mind.

Key steps to accelerate your success:

  • Choose at least three of the seven tips to increase your wellness and therefore your peace of mind to create your daily wellness routine and identify what works best for you.

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