“Calmness of mind is one of the beautiful jewels of wisdom” – James Allen.


The fourth path to sustained inner peace is to harness the gift of awareness.

Awareness is acute knowledge, and since knowledge is power, the more knowledgeable you become, the more you have in your power the ability to boost your inner peace.

Without awareness, it is impossible to make healthy changes.

For example, if you have problems sleeping, this could be due to several poor sleeping habits:

  • The body is too tired, and the physical tightness prevents the body and mind from relaxing.
  • You consumed a potent stimulant before going to bed like too much sugar, caffeine or alcohol. Therefore, this interferes with your sleep quality. It makes you alert instead of sleepy.
  • You read a personal development book or a novel with very engaging content which stops you from falling asleep.
  • You have been watching TV late. The bright blue light emitted from electronic devices such as TV, your mobile phone or ipad trick the brain into delaying sleep and keep you awake.
  • Your mind is overthinking due to the events that happen during the day, a problem you need to solve, or thinking of what you need to do tomorrow.

Without this awareness, of your poor sleep habits it would be challenging to make healthy changes to improve your sleep quality. Quietening the mind, gentle stretches, a warm bath, calming teas, listening to a biographical audiobook and relaxing music, releasing all day’s interactions or journaling lead to a sound sleep.

To increase your inner peace, you need to prioritise observing what is going on within.

I would describe self-awareness as the wisdom you gain for self-growth. Your wisdom is a great gift.

Since your outer environment reflects your internal environment, you grow in awareness when you can understand what triggered a particular problem, difficulty or discomfort.

The next level of awareness is that you can do something about whatever you become aware of. In other words, you can take the necessary measures to address the problem, difficulty or discomfort to boost your inner peace.

Your observation lies in your ability to become aware of what triggered the pain, hardship or distress. Is it a thought, feeling, belief or reaction? For optimal wellness, the basis of your awareness is a complete understanding of what is going on. Critical to increasing your self-awareness is excluding any blame, criticism, judgment or guilt and exercise thorough understanding. 

I gave you above; the example of poor sleeping habits. In this example, there are two possible outcomes you either keep adopting the same unhealthy habits before going to bed, or you improve things through your awareness of your sleeping pattern by introducing healthy habits.

Other people go through life being unaware and therefore, they are incapable of solving their life’s problems, or they might be aware, but they do not act.

Any imbalance in your life is a threat to your inner peace and needs, therefore to be addressed.


Learn, Grow and Go to increase your awareness


Key steps to accelerate your success:

Be aware of anything that destroys your inner peace: it could be anxiety, fear, wrong view, your thoughts about a colleague, jealousy, wrong focus etc.

Step 1: Grow in awareness of your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and reaction to what is going on.

Step 2: Take action to solve the problem. It could be in the form of self-reflection, meditation or seeking professional help if this is a long-standing problem that has been an inner peace destroyer for a long time.

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