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Love is our salvation

Love can move mountains

This is Week 2 of The Gratitude Experiment series. Thank you for participating in this Experiment.

The idea behind the Gratitude Experiment is to be consistent for seven weeks as we deepen our love and faith in the power of love through our gratitude.

I will cover for seven weeks various ideas regarding gratefulness.

Your reflection on week 1 was to be consciously grateful for the simple things in life. The purpose of this exercise was to raise your awareness so that you are more present and appreciative of the simple things in life. How did you get on?

The focused idea in week 2 is to give the gift of love.

When you are grateful, you experience more joy in your heart with humility, and you also radiate love, one of the purest and highest energies.

I am sure you agree that there are people with whom we have great relationships and others where the relationship is more conflictual.

This week’s high-value action step is to: write down the people you are deeply most grateful for this year? However, there is a twist.

I recommend you consider this:

  • Is there one person in your life right now you disagree with?
  • If you were to open your heart by agreeing to disagree and return to love, would you be grateful for this person and add them to your gratitude list?

There are people on your list who have impacted your life most positively.

However, now I need your agreement:

  • Are you willing to add to your gratitude list the person you disagree with who has helped you grow to become a better person?

When you look at all your conflictual relationships from a different perspective, would you agree that you got to the point where you needed some thinking time, some time to calm your mind, more healing time and more wisdom? In other words, would you agree that to reconcile with this person and forgive them, you needed to open your heart more to return to love and peace?

Are you grateful for their contribution to your personal growth because you agree to disagree?

Think about that when you agree to disagree honestly, what is the other person teaching you or what lessons do you learn?

What I have learnt is that the people who challenge our peace the most are our best teachers because they help us grow in wisdom.

William Arthur Ward wrote:

“Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.”

  • Is there anyone you are grateful for, and you need the courage to express your gratitude to them? Now is your chance.😃

Remember, when you say yes to love, you say yes to life.

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Key steps to accelerate your success:

  • Write down in your journal the people you are deeply most grateful for this year including, the people with whom you were in conflict with.
  • Take a moment to send loving-kindness to the people who come to your mind.

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