In this fast-paced world, especially in big cities like London, where I live, it is easy to get caught up in the rat race.

I see the rat race as running against time, competing and packing as many things as possible in a day as if your life depended on it. That is not a long-term solution for health and wellness.

Although the rat race may sound exciting and give you an adrenal rush, there is a problem with it, however. You might be pushing but not seeing things clearly. The major problem I see is that it leads to exhaustion. You know you are exhausted when you have a lasting sense of fatigue and lassitude.

For example, you have trouble sleeping and have difficulty focusing on anything for long periods. 

Another example that might lead to exhaustion is keeping the family together when one partner is away. The father or mother has to travel on business, and one partner has to look after the children, the home and also work full time. This family arrangement is a new set-up, though temporary, which can lead to running on empty because you need to keep everything organised in the family and keep up with the requirements of work.

If this resonates with you, perhaps you need help with the following:

Your situation may seem daunting because it takes so much of your energy. However, remember that life is happening with you and not against you.

You need to develop the habit of becoming solution-focused instead of problem-focused to get back control of your life.

If you try to pack too many things in one go to keep everything together, you overstretch yourself. Like working full time, keeping the house and the children’s activities organised etc. Therefore, it’s time to see what you could outsource and reach out to a family member, friend or external services for help. You do not have to do it all alone. 

Are you trying to be a superwoman or superman?

There is so much one can achieve in a day, and mental, physical and emotional balance are necessary to increase your wellness. For example, meditation will bring a sense of calm and peace. Exercising will stimulate serotonin, the feel-good hormone and energise your mind and body. A balanced sleeping pattern will allow your body to rest and heal. If you feel that the quality of your sleep is not as good as it should be, you might need to introduce a new sleeping pattern. 

This blog article is entitled: "Stop Pushing - Start Listening" to make you aware of the necessity to listen to the body. The body never lies and tells you honestly that something is off if you feel under par.

Therefore it is imperative to listen increasingly to the warning signs. However, the tendency that most of us have is to keep going beyond despite the warning signs. I have caught myself, so many times, working overtime or sitting at my desk for consecutive hours without standing up from time to time and stretching or working overtime. I am sure this rings true for you too.

Your health is crucial, and without a healthy body, you will struggle. 

The warning signs are not drastic ones. They call for moderation because there is an imbalance you need to address. Also, the warning signs are preventive, and it is best to catch them before it is too late.

  • How can you be mindful of what you eat and how your body responds to it? 
  • What can you do to be more aware of how you react to stress? 
  • How can you make time for yourself? 
  • When could you go to bed earlier in the week? 
  • When can you allocate some time to exercise and stretch? 
  • How can you improve your morning routine? 

These are ways you allow yourself to pay attention, listen to your body and take preventive measures. Being in tune with what works best for you is essential here.

You will notice that athletes who push the human body to the limits have a lot of practice and have built the mental strength to do so. However, most people do not have that practice and resulting endurance.

I invite you in this article to keep your emotional, mental and physical health in check by answering this simple question: how are you doing mentally, emotionally and physically? 

Do you feel overwhelmed, stressed out or energised and peaceful? 

I hope this introspection will help you create more balance and harmony in your life as you feel in tune with your body and mind.

Once again, stop pushing and make the time to start listening. This solution is crucial.


Key steps to accelerate your success:

  • Do the introspection and take some time to restore balance in your life to improve your health and reduce stress: How are you doing mentally, emotionally and physically? 

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