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ATTENTION: Women In Life Transitions Who Desire To Pursue Purpose And Meaning For A More Fulfilling Life

The Purpose Path Introduces...

The Purpose & Passion Trilogy Programme

Live Your Purpose And Passion Divinely

Discover The 3 Stages You Need To Design A Purposeful, Meaningful And Fulfilling Life To Ignite Your Passion And Joy And Align With Your Soul's Purpose.

It's Time To Live Your Life Powerfully!

Success story from Gabriela Zajarosova as a result of the Success Checklist Coaching Programme with Pascale Gibon

"I Attracted New Clients!"

"The main things I got out of this programme were:

  1. Clarity in the way I want to build my business
  2. I took action I was scared to take before, or I did not know I was able to take.
  3. I was also able to create balance in my life between my work and rest, which was an essential element for me to progress further in my work.

It was fun and enjoyable. Every session brought me something new. During the coaching programme, I attracted new clients who value my work and see my greatness. So I made a significant step to progress in my work.”

Gabriella Zajarosova

Purpose & Passion Trilogy

Introducing The Purpose & Passion Trilogy...

From The Desk of: Pascale Gibon

London, UK


Dear Passionate Pathfinder

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about The Purpose Path.

What is The Purpose Path?

The Purpose Path is a call to shift into a new and higher path of success.

It introduces the transformational Purpose & Passion Trilogy, and it is not for the light fainted. 🙂

I commend you for choosing the path of a purpose-driven life.

I have designed The Purpose & Passion Trilogy Programme for women in life transitions who feel ready to live a fulfilling life so that they make a positive impact on the world.

You are here because you have awakened to higher possibilities for your life and are ready to play a bigger game, do what you love and love what you do and live your purpose divinely. However, you feel stuck, apprehensive and frustrated day by day the further you detach yourself from the values that align with your purpose and passions.

  • You are probably stuck in a dead-end job and feel your soul is dying.
  • You have lost your zest for life and believe your life has no meaning.
  • You are ready to start anew and reinvent yourself.

When you are called to step outside of your comfort zone to live your purpose, you are bound to meet with obstacles. 

It is not a coincidence that you are here. Your soul's calling to shift and align with your heart and what ignites your fire and gives you joy keeps getting louder and louder.

Now is your moment to stop hesitating and sitting on the fence and start The Purpose Path Journey; a journey into a new path of success.

Now is high time to get the support you need to uncover, pursue and live your purpose and passion.

I have divided The Purpose & Passion Trilogy into three stages. Since you want to live your purpose divinely, I have designed each stage to accelerate your progress and help you reach the top of the mountain with the support you need.

Moreover, each stage is in sequential order and relevant to you depending on where you are on your purpose-driven life journey.

Here are the benefits of the three stages:

Stage 1: Find Purpose In Your Life

You will identify and unlock with certainty the right path that aligns with your heart and soul and gives your life direction purposefully.

Stage 2: Achieve Your Goals Confidently And Purposefully

Regain the courage, confidence and motivation to pursue your life purpose divinely with a clear roadmap and live the life you know you are designed to live.

Stage 3: Make A Positive Impact In The World Unapologetically

Shift your mindset to overcome self-sabotage in order to focus on, honour and fulfil your life purpose and impact the world positively. 


The Benefits Of The Purpose & Passion Trilogy Explained...

Find Purpose In Your Life

Purpose & Passion Unlock

This is the start of your purpose-driven life journey.

This power session package is right for you if you:

  • Feel lost, empty and unfulfilled and feel like you have no direction in life.
  • Need a new direction in life that is purpose-driven.
  • Are confused about what your life purpose is and need a deep purpose and passion dive.
  • Want to identify clearly what your life purpose is so that you align your life with your heart and soul.

The Purpose & Passion Unlock step-by-step formula will take you through a journey of self-exploration and discovery to uncover, identify and ignite what fuels your joy.

Achieve Your Goals Confidently And Purposefully

Purpose & Passion Activate 

Gain unshakable confidence, courage and motivation to pursue purpose and meaning in your life. This is the programme where you connect to your heart to regain the motivation to pursue your life purpose and experience success by following a clear roadmap.

I know what you are thinking right now: what if it does not work? what if I am on the wrong path? what if I spent all of my energy on the wrong thing? what if I cannot make money doing what I love?

If you go through the motion each day feeling stuck in a rut and drained, this programme will help you increase both your self-worth and confidence to pursue your dream and calling with courage.

Purpose & Passion - Shine by Pascale Gibon

Make A Positive Impact In The World Unapologetically

Purpose & Passion Shine

To excel means to commit to completion.

In this purpose & passion programme, you learn how to serve divinely and become unstoppable.

What is getting in the way is YOU: you procrastinate, you hesitate to take action, you complicate things, you talk yourself out of moving forward, etc.

However, it does not have to be that way for it is time to shine your light brightly onto the world and live the purposeful life you know you are designed to live by following a powerful method.

Meet Pascale Gibon

Known as 'A Change Catalyst,' I am a Personal Development and Success Life Coach who is a proponent of personal transformation to live a happy, meaningful and fulfilling life.

I specialize in helping women 40+ navigate their transition successfully by helping them awaken to higher possibilities for their lives and overcome any barrier to their success so that they can sparkle, and feel love, joy and fulfilment.

I went through what is known as 'the dark night of the soul' in my mid-30s when I questioned the meaning of life and what I was here on earth to do.

I received the message from the heavenly world loud and clear: "Your life purpose is to enhance people's lives."
From what seemed a very general statement about serving others wholeheartedly, I had no clue that my life would take me from corporate London to becoming a complementary therapist, energy healer, meditation teacher, life success consultant and personal development facilitator.

I know what it feels like to align yourself with your soul's calling so that you live a passionate life. A purpose-driven life has been my quest, and I affirm that it is the most exhilarating journey so far.

It feels right to follow the yearnings of your heart, feel inspired, take action and be inflow. I intend to help you experience a life where you love what you do, do what you love, expand your potential to new possibilities and elevate to the next level.

My life's purpose is to guide you to happiness through love and joy in the context of understanding and compassion.

Pascale Gibon is the bestselling author of YES TO Love, the Founder of Yes To Training and Yes To Love Academy and the Creator of The Love, Rise, Shine Method.
Vivian Pertile Success Story as a result of the Success Checklist Coaching Programme with Pascale Gibon.

"I Am A Lot More Happier!"

"The course has brought me mainly a lot more happiness in my life. As a result of the Success Checklist Coaching Programme

  1. I am happier in my life.
  2. I awakened to my inner potential
  3. I have grown in self-awareness
  4. I rescued a lot of my authentic values
  5. I got in touch with the true me I had lost touch of
  6. Brought out the best in me
  7. Allowed me to do something amazing in my life.”

Vivian Pertile

Purpose & Passion Trilogy

Take Action And Live Your Purpose Divinely

Get started with the most relevant programme for you today so that you live your purpose divinely.


To Create The Outcome That You Desire You Need To Take Action So That You:

Unlock your purpose and passion. If you are unclear get crystal clear to eliminate confusion and frustration and identify the values that align with the path that ignite your joy.

Build unshakable self-confidence and courage to honour and pursue purpose and passion and align with your soul's calling.

Elevate to shine your light brilliantly, serve divinely and live the life you know you are meant to live.

And more...

Pascale Gibon. Providence Publishing Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

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