Live Your Life Powerfully: Master True Love With The YES! TO Love Academy

Pascale is a proponent of experiential learning. All of her home study courses, training programmes, packages and workshops are hands-on for immediate action, momentum and ultimate results. They are fully designed with the students in mind so that they experience real transformation and thrive.

Be The Best That You Can Be With The YES! TO Love Academy Proven Step By Step Systems And Processes For A Happy, Purposeful And Fulfilling Life.

YES! TO Love Academy includes the live personal transformation and success events by  the bestselling author Pascale Gibon

YES! TO™ Love Academy

Pascale Gibon, The Amazon Best Selling Author of YES! TO™ Love Presents The YES! TO™ Love Academy.

You will love the YES! TO® Love Academy programmes if you are ready to master true love, get peace and fulfilment.

The Academy is where you learn to RETHINK LOVE so that you can fully awaken the joy in your heart, bounce back, increase your energy and vitality and live a richer life.

  • Choose LOVE as your life's driving force and discard the rest.
  • Create a life of meaning in the spirit of love.

The YES! TO Love Quadrant: Live A Life Of Love

The YES! TO Love Quadrant - Master True Love With The YES! TO Love Academy
The YES! TO Love Quadrant - The Four Stages - The YES! TO Love Academy

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YES! TO Love Academy Membership - Pascale Gibon

Featured Training Programme

YES! TO Love Inner Circle - Membership With Pascale Gibon

Are You A Leader Of Love And Ready To Serve The World Divinely With Other Like-Minded Conscious Souls?

Mahatma Gandhi said: "Where there is love there is life."

As a leader of love, you feel called to serve the world and help others awaken to their true nature.

Join the YES! TO™ Love Inner Circle Community to connect with like-minded leaders of love who are committed to impacting the world divinely and positively.

Introducing: YES! To® Love Inner Circle

As a Founding Member of The YES! TO Love Inner Circle and leader of the YES! TO Love Movement you will get access to the following:

  • YES! TO Love Welcome Pack - expect a goodie bag.
  • An invaluable community of Leaders of Love where you can network and create a mastermind.
  • Access to Say YES! To Love, the 12-week healing programme to continue your self-development.
  • A Live Q&A monthly call
  • Guest experts throughout the year
  • Opportunity to be a guest on The Everyday Life Balance Show hosted by Pascale Gibon.

Be part of the YES! TO Love Inner Circle as we build this community of change-makers together.

the big shift

The Big Shift Club

Live Your Purpose Divinely

Ready to:

1. Unlock your life purpose to transform the direction of your life?

2. Eliminate the what-ifs and align yourself with your life purpose with courage and confidence?

3. Transform self-sabotage into life fulfilment?

If so, you will love our:

Life Purpose Trilogy Programme offered by The Big Shift Club.


Pascale's Gibon Dare to Dream Masterclass the step by step blueprint to reignite your life.

Do you feel like your life is off track and you wish you could make positive changes successfully however you doubt yourself?

If so, you will love this self-confidence course. It's time to come out of your comfort zone and achieve your goal confidently and successfully so that you can transform your life. You can do it! When you embark on the personal growth journey with a clear and proven system change is inevitable.

Introducing: Dare To Dream Masterclass

Have you ever wondered what your life would be like if you dared to live a fuller and richer life? As a result of investing personally in this new and exclusive step by step 90-day coaching programme, you will experience personal transformation from the inside out fast:

  • Get clear about your next steps to live your best life.
  • Learn how to grow in self-awareness to transform your life.
  • Discover how to reconnect with your inner self to maximize your potential and bring out the best in you.
  • Get your life back on track, increase your happiness, follow your joy and reignite your life in ways you never felt possible.

Workshops With Pascale

Say YES! To Love Workshop with Pascale Gibon - Increase Your Happiness From The Inside Out

Say YES! To Love Intensive: The 3-Hour Workshop To Increase Your Happiness From The Inside Out After A Break-up Or Divorce

Description: Heal Your Heart To Increase Your Happiness From The Inside Out!

Are you ready to take time for self-care, regain your zest for life, feel totally energized and heal your heart so that you can live a blissful life?

In this life-changing, very hands-on experience you will:

  • Increase your worthiness, self-belief, self-confidence, self-assurance and self-love so that you can stand out and matter.
  • Set yourself free and feel good about yourself.
  • Feel loved and liberated from pain and sadness.

And more...

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Start to transform your life to reignite your life with the Walk The Golden Path To Success Workshop with Pascale Gibon Founder of Yes To Love Academy.

Walk The Golden Path To Success

Description: In This Mindset Focused Workshop, You Will

  • Learn the principles of success to get to your highest vision faster.
  • Gain the confidence to take steps towards your vision so that you can reignite your life.
  • Keep the momentum going.
ReBalance Masterclass the antistress solution to a life in balance with Pascale Gibon Founder of Yes to Love Academy.

Rebalance Masterclass (R.M)

Description: In This Interactive, Fun, Hands-on And Nurturing Masterclass With Pascale

  • Learn how to bring your mind, body and spirit in balance and harmony.
  • Discover how to destress.
  • Experience and enjoy greater well-being, personal success, inner peace and happiness.