Prescriptions For Self-Confidence

A lack of self-confidence can stop you from letting your greatness shine and thus, live you life to your full potential. I reveal in this blog article practical ways you can increase your self-confidence for greater joy and happiness.

What is the actual definition of self-confidence?

The Oxford dictionary gives us the following definition of self-confidence:

A feeling of trust in one’s abilities, qualities and judgment.

There are perhaps areas in your life where you have more confidence than others. If you lack self-confidence in one of these areas for example:  relationship, career, finances or health, it just means that you need to increase your faith and trust in your ability to pull through.

Even though the origin of your lack of confidence might be deeply impressed in your subconscious what matters today is that you take into consideration and apply the many ways you can increase your self-confidence.

Self-confidence is an inside job and it can be learnt, improved and developed.

Trust that what lies outside of you pales in comparison to what lies within you and what lies within you is always seeking full expression.

There is no self-confidence without strong faith, trust and belief in oneself. Therefore, how can you strengthen trust, faith in yourself and self-belief?

  • I believe that this is your starting point:

You are a spiritual being having a human experience and you are already whole, complete and very very loved.

  • You can increase your self-confidence by reinforcing your self-image and that of others into a positive one. Your self-image is the hidden inner image that you have of yourself. When you listen to your critical voice too often, your self-image can get distorted and it is important to become an observer of your thoughts in order to grow in self awareness. The more you observe your critical voice the more you become aware that whenever it pinpoints something negative about you or others you can reply: “Thank-you for sharing, good bye!” This change in perception is very powerful and transformational and is particularly relevant if you have the tendency to self-sabotage.
  • Start by appreciating others more and more

– What do you love about your family and friends?

– What do you appreciate about them?

  • Then, start by appreciating yourself more and more

– What is great about you?

– What do you truly and sincerely appreciate about you?

Keep doing this until you feel emotionally attached to this new awareness about yourself. Repeat this exercise every single day until you have created a stronger self-image and you stand tall.

You can do this exercise by writing your appreciations down in your journal if you have one, by meditating or saying out loud. As you praise yourself and others more and more, your body vibrates increasingly with the energy of acceptance.

In addition, if you lack confidence in a particular area of your life, you can answer  the following question:

– What new knowledge do you need to improve your skills?

As you know I launched a podcast back in June, I didn’t know how I was going to do it. However, in order to increase my self-confidence, I sought the knowledge I needed. l read everything there was to know about podcasting from experts in the field and others who have launched they podcast successfully. The knowledge is there for you to get more confident in any area you desire.

My 8 Prescriptions For Self-Confidence are the following:

You are more than you think you are. In order to increase your self-confidence allow yourself to grow in awareness about who you are as a person.

Here are your consistent activities until you grow in awareness:

Relevant questions to accelerate your success:

– Who are the people you need to appreciate more and more? and what do you appreciate about them?

– What do you appreciate about yourself?

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