In this article, I want to pay tribute to one of my mentors Bob Proctor who passed away at the beginning of February.


Bob Proctor was a personal development mentor, Founder of Proctor Gallagher Institute, New York Times bestseller of “You Were Born Rich” and a contributor to the film The Secret. 


I shared in a previous article, entitled “My Origin Story: How I Became A ‘Change Catalyst’ For Growth, Transformation And Success," how Bob Proctor changed my life forever.  


My idea for this tribute is to share some of the success principles I learnt from Bob Proctor that have impacted my life tremendously.


As you know, I have been facilitating personal development since 2009. My WHY for introducing personal development into my work were my existing complementary therapy clients at the time. I wanted to help them expand at a deeper level, become self-reliant, heal their wounds and improve the quality of their life.


When I met Bob Proctor for the first time in 2008 and trained as a Life Success Consultant, he taught me transformative life success principles that I implemented immediately in my life. I want to share in this article at least, among many, five of those life success principles.


1st principle: Bob Proctor put a great emphasis on empowerment through continuous learning.

He believed that knowledge was essential. He used a quote by Eric Hoffer:

“In times of change, learners inherit the Earth, while the learnt find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists.”

As a personal development coach, I am an avid learner. You are probably passionate about personal development and familiar with the concept: learn, go, grow. In other words, knowledge is of no use if you do not apply it.


According to Bob, deep knowledge is deep learning. He believed in the power of repetition. He read the same book, “Think And Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill every day for more than 50 years. Therefore he deepened his knowledge of personal achievement and success through repetition and deep learning.


Regarding learning, the general tendency is to be unfocused as we move swiftly from one thing to the next due to a short attention span. However, should you have many interests, you might consider this technique to deepen your learning: repetition to be laser-focused.


Do you perhaps have a favourite book or audiobook you keep reading or listening to over and over again? I can think of two or three self-help or spiritual books I like to read again every year.


2nd principle: Bob shared the truth that we are spiritual beings having a human experience.

This life perspective led me to live my life at a higher level of consciousness or awareness. I am more than my body and mind, I am spirit. I have a contemplative life with daily prayer and meditation.


3rd principle: Bob invited us to fall in love with the idea that we become what we think about.

I was speechless when I first saw Bob drawing the stick person and explaining how the mind works. I discovered that I can choose to change or direct my thoughts at will and that my subconscious mind is powerful. 


4th principle: Another life success principle I learnt from Bob is "Do not let your circumstances dictate your future." In other words, your destiny is not 100% set, and you can create change if you choose to do so. This success principle supports my work as ‘a change catalyst’.


5th principle: Here is the last success principle I want to share. According to Bob, many people fail to know what they really want. He believed that most people do not know what they want.

He quoted that: " Most people are extras in their own movie." In other words, most people do not dream and live the life they truly want. I love this analogy of being an extra in one’s own movie. This means that one stands on the sideline, allowing things to happen to them instead of making things happen. When you dream of improving the quality of your life, only YOU can make it happen. 


I love that man. Bob Proctor was an amazing, impressive man with the most beautiful presence. You could tell from his energy that he was living his life from a higher level of consciousness.

His view on death was that it is just a transition. The spirit starts a new journey and must be celebrated as it transitions. This article is my way of honouring Bob. 


Thank you, Bob Proctor, from the bottom of my heart for your life-changing teachings and relentless work to transform lives abundantly and make this world a better place. Your legacy lives on! May you rest in peace.


These are just a few of the success principles I learnt from Bob Proctor. Please check the Proctor Gallagher Institute website, If you want to learn more. 


I will end this article with a couple of quotes from Bob Proctor, which summarises his philosophy:


“We all have the ability to design our own lives.”


“The only limits in our life are those we impose on ourselves.”


P.S: Click here to join the special tribute to celebrate Bob Proctor's life and legacy on 27 February 2022.

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