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ATTENTION: There Are Only 7 Life Purpose Clarity Sessions Available This Month! ...

After Experiencing The 'Dark Night Of The Soul' I Identified My Life's Deep Purpose, Gave My Life A New Direction And You Can Too With The Right Tools... 

Book Your FREE 30-Minute Life Purpose Identifier Clarity Consultation And See If We Are A Good Fit. This Session Will Help You Discover The Roadmap To Get You From Where You Are To Giving Your Life A New And Meaningful Direction.

The Truth Is You Can Reignite Your Life Powerfully…

From The Desk Of: Pascale Gibon

London, UK

Whether you seek a more fulfilling career or seize the opportunity to reignite your life powerfully, identifying your life's deep purpose will save you years of frustration and a sense of feeling lost and empty.

For example, you could opt for dead-end jobs continually without finding the career satisfaction you crave for.

Your quest for a purpose-driven life is a legitimate one. It shows that you are ready to make your heart sing, do what you love and love what you do.

There are many ways to identify your life purpose however our Life Purpose Identifier Step By Step Formula is designed to help you deep-dive into unveiling your greater purpose to give your life direction and meaning.

It offers the following benefits, you will:

  • Gain a better knowledge of your personality.
  • Discover or reaffirm what lights up your fire to transform the way you live your life.
  • Gain certainty regarding the path that is right for you and ignites your passion.
  • Transform your passion into a career that graciously keeps you energised and in flow.
If you are ready to get started click on the button below to book your FREE 30-minute Life Purpose Activate Clarity Session.

I Have Been Where You Are Now

Now, I Want To Help You...

Apply For 1 Of The Free Spots Now & Save $250 Off Pascale's Normal Hourly 1-1 Consulting Fee!

This Is Not A Sales Pitch, It Is A Free Clarity 
Call Giving You Tremendous Value!


So, now you are asking, but what exactly will we talk about on the call?

30 Minutes may not seem like a long time, but as a highly intuitive coach, I have mastered
 the art of discovering what is and is not needed.
My time is as precious as yours, trust me, so I am going to ensure that our call will be extremely valuable and actionable!
I am going to ask you transformative questions and do what I do best…
… from your current goal and aspirations to what else you have tried so far.
We will bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be.
We will also clarify what steps to take to get to your vision.
But here is the real question I know you are asking...
Why Am I Doing This for Free? 

Firstly, I love to help women shift onto a new path of success and see clearly what they need to focus on.  

Secondly, I am passionate about helping women identify their greater life purpose so that they uncover the direction of their lives. Just like you, it was my quest. I understand the various stages you go through and what it takes to get there.

Thirdly, your happiness is my happiness. My life purpose is to guide you to happiness with love and joy in the context of understanding and compassion.

So, once we have designed your roadmap at the end of the call, agree we are a good fit and I genuinely think I can help, I will share, with your permission, how we can work together further and deep dive into identifying your greater life purpose and give your life a new direction.
Don't worry, I only work with women I can almost guarantee a clear win-win relationship...
Now, if you are not a fit, you will still take away a roadmap with relevant actions you can take. This will help you move forward on your quest.
As the saying goes... You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.
Take action today towards identifying your life purpose.
Book now and claim one of the few slots available this month!
Here Are Some Success Stories
Vivian Pertile Success Story as a result of the Success Checklist Coaching Programme with Pascale Gibon.

I Am A Lot More Happier

"I needed a reset in my life and found out what direction to take next. The course helped me immensely to find out where to go from here. Each week I could just see the progress building up, which brought me to the point where I realised there were so many other things out there I wanted to do. The course has brought me mainly a lot more happiness in my life."

Success story from Gabriela Zajarosova as a result of the Success Checklist Coaching Programme with Pascale Gibon

I Attracted New Clients

"I joined The Success Checklist Coaching programme because I wanted to build self-confidence, gain clarity in my business and generally just be clear about the direction I want to take in my life.

I was delighted because it was essential for me to get regular support. I got profound insights that were directly clarifying my situation."

What Are Your Next Steps?

Step #1 - Click the button below

Understandably, I can only give a certain amount of complimentary calls. Every month I open these spaces.

Step #2 - Schedule A Free 30-Minute Life Purpose Identifier Clarity Call!

I hope your time is as precious as mine! I want to make sure I get on a call with women I can genuinely help and possibly develop a future relationship with. Because of that, I want to ask you a few questions that will not take much of your time to make sure we are a good fit for each other.

Step #3 - Fill Out Our Short Application Form

After you have filled in the application form, Pascale or her assistant will review the questionnaire within 48 hours.

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