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The world is going through a massive transition in the way we live, we think, we feel and act.

I have in my previous blog articles shared with you the three controllable ways to enhance your life, and here they are again:

  • The first way is to do more of what works. We sometimes forget what it feels like to do more of what works. For example, we find something that works for us, like a daily routine or getting up early, taking some time to exercise or meditate. However, for some reason, we stop doing it. What I recommend here is to be aware of what works in your life and keep doing it.


  • The second way is to stop doing what does not work. Ok, I know that you might still be doing things that you are aware you need to change; however, you have not taken action yet. To transition with ease, I believe that you need to be clear about what you want instead. Therefore, when you know that something in your life does not work what do you want instead that would meet your needs?


  • The third way is to try something new and see it if works: trying something new and see if it works belongs to a growth mindset and requires a certain level of openness. I know what you might be thinking, but if I try something new, it might fail. However, have you considered the following? Firstly, you don't know until you try, secondly, if it is going to improve your life, it is worth it, thirdly, done is better than perfect. 

However, there is a started point to improving your life.

This article is Part 1 of the Life Change Roadmap series. To truly enhance your life experience, I will be sharing with you over the next three weeks the three essential life change activators.

Why are the three life change activators essential?

You will need to initiate all three critical life change activators to eliminate frustration and start changing the direction of your life.

From a mindset viewpoint, the three key life change activators you need to initiate to change the direction of your life are desire, decision and action.

The first life change activator is Desire.

You are reading this article because you are desperate for change, and you have a deep-seated desire to create something new in your life. However, if you are sitting on the fence, you must start to adopt this motto: Dream it, Create it, Live it.

Everything in this world exists as a result of the creative process. 

Therefore, to initiate Life Change Activator #1: DESIRE, you must:

Step 1: Harness your power of creation 

Step 2: Create something new by choosing the Dream it, Create it, Live it motto.

The first point related to the Dream it, Create, Live it motto is to allow yourself to dream it!  

Where most people fail is that they stop dreaming, and they remain satisfied with the status quo. You are different because you dream of the next direction for your life. 

However, there is a problem: you are unclear about what this new direction looks like, and you are afraid of moving into unknown territory. 

To overcome this obstacle, I encourage you to keep building your field of dreams; in other words, to fulfil your aspirations.

The second point related to the Dream it, Create, Live it motto is to allow yourself to create it!

Take some time to answer the following two questions:

  • What is it that you want to create? 
  • What is the new reality you dream of? 

Most people remain stuck here; they want to change; however, they do not take steps towards its realisation because of a lack of clarity. They are unaware of what this change is, or they give up too soon.

The third point related to the Dream it, Create, Live it motto is to allow yourself to live it!

To allow yourself to live it is the last step in the Dream it, Create it, Live it process. Here, you are to see yourself living the life of your dream.

However, DESIRE is just the first Life Change Activator. The second step is to initiate Life Change Activator #2: DECISION.

From now on, fall back in love with your life as you allow yourself to Dream it, Create it and Live it!

In part 2 of the Life Change Roadmap, you will discover Life Change Activator #2: DECISION.

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