In my vlog article Discover 3 Ways To Create Change I share with you 3 ways you can create change in your life and put them into practice when you do not get the results that you desire:

1. Stop doing what does not work

2. Do more of what works

3. Try introducing something new.

However, in this blog article, I take this a step further by sharing with you a simple process you can implement to start doing something new or to do more of what works when you feel stuck.

Your purpose = your WHY

  1. Why are you here?
  2. What gives your life meaning?
  3. What are your gifts and talents?
  4. What do you love to do most?

Your purpose is the reason why you do something, the direction you wish to take. It gives meaning to the reason WHY you do what you do. Knowing your purpose ensures that you are in the flow.

Your vision = your WHAT

Your vision is your WHAT. It is the way you express your purpose and the image you build and hold in your mind. Your vision answers the following question: how are you going to fulfil your purpose? It is the strategy behind the fulfilment of your purpose. Your vision gives your purpose a direction.

Bob Proctor said: "Vision is the key connector between one's daily goals and one's lifetime purpose."

Your goal = your HOW

Your goals are the steps you are going to take to realize the vision you have built and hold in your mind. Setting goals or steps gives you a clear direction.

When you implement these three steps in order:

1. Purpose

2. Vision

3. Goal

You get a clear process you can follow step by step to move purposefully in the direction of your vision.

How can you apply this to a specific ambition you have right now: by acting upon the following questions.

Step 1: What is your purpose?, your WHY?

Step 2: What vision do you build and hold in your mind to fulfil your purpose?

Step 3: What goals do you set to make your vision a reality?

Question to regain your zest for life:

  • In what area of your life could you apply the Purpose, Vision & Goal process?

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