In my series of articles and podcast The Everyday Life Balance, I invite you to commit to personal development and success.

I base my life philosophy on the following foundation and life perspective:

Each day is a new day. And you create your reality every day. This life perspective enables you to take control of your power of co-creation.

  • Do you love the idea of designing your day the way you want? If you do, what is your morning routine?
  • Have you observed your thoughts? What is the first thought that comes to your mind when you wake up?

Everyday life balance suggests that your day starts and unfolds according to your state of mind or what you pay attention to.

For example, consider this:

  • Do you pay attention to how grateful you are for the breath of life, your children, life partner, parents etc.?
  • Is your attention on a fun, productive, joyful day, or is your attention on the dissatisfactions the day may bring like more conflict, confusion, unexpected distractions etc.?

You will often hear me say that what you pay attention to grows. Therefore you get better results when you focus on the positive in your life.

Whatever result you get in your life thus comes from the thoughts you think, which produce feelings and get you to act or behave in a certain way.

When Albert Einstein said that you can not solve a problem in your life with the same thinking that created it, he meant that your current results reflect your thinking structure and belief. As a result, and without prejudice, you need to change your thinking to get better results.

From your life experience, I am sure that you improved your life when you made better choices.

However, you might feel stuck right now and struggle with changing your thinking.

Again my question to you is: where is your attention? On staying stuck or getting unstuck?

You are stuck because to change your way of thinking means that you also need to activate one intellectual factor which will help you grow in awareness: your perception. Therefore, to improve your thinking pattern, you need to change your perception of what is.

For example, if a situation bothers you, like a troublesome relationship, do you have a clear view?

  • Are you convinced that you see the event clearly?
  • Is your thinking fear-based or love-based? If your thinking is love-based, do you seek first to understand and then be understood? As suggested by Stephen Covey in the International bestseller: “7 Habits Of Highly Effective People.”
  • As the author of the Amazon bestseller, Yes! To Love, I know from experience that love always wins.

If you do not know how to improve your results, you can always find the resources you need. For example, I have released several episodes on how to improve your thinking and behaviour to find balance and improve the quality of your life. To start maximising your potential, the life-changing article that comes to mind is: “Discover 6 Powerful Higher Mind’s Faculties To Transform Your Life Fast….”

Another article is entitled: “5 Daily Habits For Ultimate Success.”

These are also popular podcast episodes (episodes 105 and 81 respectively)

You start making a change in your life when you believe deep in your heart that it is a goal worthy of you. Moreover, you begin to be convinced that you deserve a successful breakthrough.

When you commit 100% to making positive change happen, take small steps until it becomes a familiar habit and practice. You will persevere and be consistent when you experience micro-wins.

For example, growing in self-awareness deserves self-observation. Self-observation becomes a fruitful and life-changing process and stimulates growth when you choose to learn from the lessons and, as a result, make better choices.


Key step to accelerate your success:

Please answer the question below:

What is the new healthy habit you commit to introducing in your life today which will contribute to your personal growth?

For example, it could be a new morning routine or a new way of thinking.

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