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In this blog article, you will discover how any problem or challenge can become an opportunity for success.

Sometimes we get inundated with problems waiting to be solved; we feel overwhelmed, defeated, unable to see clearly, and believe they are insurmountable.

However, when you adopt the right attitude to your workbook of problems, approach your problems positively, they can become a stepping stone for success.

For example, to view your problem with the lens of opportunity can you think of a complex problem you solved that has made you stronger, happier and more confident as a result?

Could any problem you face right now be a stepping stone for success?

This topic covers your relationship with problems and your ability as a problem solver.

In Wayne Dyer’s own words: “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

Therefore, If you are going through difficulty right now, perhaps it is challenging to see the opportunity for success. However, the chance for success is there, and it is entirely up to you to seize it; you do have a choice.

A problem is not an end-all but an opportunity.
Moreover, you cannot see the opportunity if you do not take action. Therefore, the problem might escalate due to your inaction.

With awareness, any problem you have can become a stepping stone for success, and you can claim victory over feeling defeated.

I have shared with you before that the top level of awareness is React versus Respond. You react in the first instance to your life’s circumstances when you believe that life is happening TO YOU and think that you cannot handle problems.

On the other hand, you respond to your life’s circumstances when you believe that life is happening FOR YOU; therefore, life is on your side.

Since for every action, there is a reaction; you can imagine the difference in result you get when you react to life and when you respond to life.
The first one is more impulsive. It is our immediate reaction. The second one is more based on reasoning, our level of awareness, and the accumulated wisdom and willingness to take full responsibility and strengthen our ability to respond to any challenge.

Here is an example:
A mishap keeps occurring in your life. Your first reaction is to think: “not this again.” However, with hindsight, you would respond by thinking: “I wonder why this is happening again”.

For the problem to become an opportunity for success, you need to change perspective. Understandably your immediate reaction is to react against the mishap; however, you need to step out of it, have a clear picture or bird’s eye view of what is happening, and ask questions to see the opportunity to solve it by yourself or with other’s support.

Since solving problems requires energy, you should spend your energy effectively.

  • What is your relationship with problems?
  • Do you react negatively or respond positively to them?

If you tend to react negatively, could you change your perspective by focusing on growth opportunities?

Moreover, you can avoid potential problems and minimise them when you anticipate them. You need to behave as a forward thinker; if you take route A and feel it will lead to more problems, it is best to avoid it.

Problems can become a stepping stone for success, and if you are struggling right now, I want you to think about all of the issues you felt were insurmountable, and you managed to solve them regardless.

How did it help you become a better person?

Additionally, I want you to decide what response you are willing to give to the problem you face right now?

Key steps to accelerate your success:

To use problem-solving as a stepping stone for success, please answer the following question:

  • What response you are willing to give to the problem you face right now?

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"When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change: Wayne Dyer quote - Pascale Gibon Blog
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