How To Protect Your Dream From Negative Influences

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There are times you need to protect your dreams when you desire to create positive change in your life.


When you desire to make positive changes in your life, two things might immediately influence your success:

  1. External influences and
  2. Internal influences.

The first external influence is the non-supportive people with whom you share your new goal. It is possible that the people closest to you might not understand what you are trying to do and therefore become non-supportive.


Let me share a story to illustrate my point:


“Now that her children have left home, Debby wants to make a big change in her life and revive her career. She dedicated 20 years to bringing up her two daughters, looking after her husband and the family, and now she desires to revive her career. Debby feels she can no longer return to her original career because she has been away for too long now. She set her heart on starting something new, and she is willing to study again. However, there is a problem. Her husband is not willing to support her financially. He feels she does not need to study and could do any easy job. Debby is distraught because her husband Bill is the only breadwinner, and she has a greater plan for her future.” 


The second external influence is the negative people who do not understand what you are doing. Therefore, they will insist on putting you down.

We call them the ‘dream stealers’ or the ‘naysayers.’ Whatever you say, they will say ‘no’ to it.

They will try to stop you from improving your life and believe that they protect you by doing so. They project onto you their limitations and fears.

They might have good intentions. However, they are afraid of what the change you desire represents; things might change, your life together might get disrupted, you might change, and they are not ready for that. Additionally, they are afraid that you might fail.


Does Debby’s story resonate with you? 

Should you be in a similar situation, it might not be easy to handle it.

You want to reignite your life.

Your heart tells you that you are at a crossroads and ready for a transition. However, you do not feel supported at home or by the people around you.


Debby’s story is a true story. She is bored, and now that the children have left home, she wants to give her life meaning and continue to feel useful.


When you have a dream and your immediate family does not support you and understand your goal, you need to become more resourceful. Perhaps another family member who believes in you can assist you.

Other organisations can back you up and help you find the right resources. 


One of the principles of success is to share your goals with your best cheerleaders. Therefore you could join a group of like-minded people who share your dream and are a great source of inspiration and motivation.


Moreover, when your spouse, for example, does not support your ambition, there is an internal influence or inner work at play too.

You are in a state of despair; you want to reignite your life by reviving your career, but you do not have the support you need to do so. 


You feel very disappointed, and unless you remain steadfast, you might lose faith in yourself and stop believing that you can make your dream come true. The saddest thing is that you might also give up on yourself and your dreams because you have lost all hope.


However, here are some tips I hope will help you move forward once you adopt them: 

  • Where there is a will, there is a way. In other words, you need to build a stronger mindset. Despite the barriers, you need to start thinking of the different ways you can make your dream come true and dare to dream. 
  • Once you start focusing on what you want, lead your dream by taking a small step daily. Your consistent focus and daily action will bring you closer to the accomplishment of your goal.
  • Build strength by being willing to fail forward. Even though things might not go smoothly all the time, you can pick yourself up and persevere. When one door closes in front of you, another one will open up.
  • Start building your confidence. As you become more resourceful and take small action steps, you will start to see progress. The small successes you experience will transform your results.
  • Show up authentically by committing to your dream. Every action you take will show that what you desire is not just wishful thinking.
  • Stay strong and positive by remaining in a positive sphere of energy. You can do this, for example, by reading the inspiring story of an influencer like an athlete who achieved success against all odds. That will help you build a successful mindset.

You can do this!

Dare to dream! Choosing A life of fulfilment is worth it.

Get started today!


Key steps to accelerate your success:

Following is a recap of your action steps. Commit to taking one action now to make your dream come true:

  • Look at the different ways you could make your dream come true.
  • Focus on what you want
  • Build strength and be willing to fail forward.
  • Start building confidence by becoming more resourceful.
  • Show up authentically by committing to your dream.
  • Stay strong and positive.

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