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Do you sit on the fence of resistance?

For example, do you feel you want to make positive changes in your life, however resistance, resistance, resistance persists?

You aspire to improve the quality of your life, but you resist the idea. Resistance to change is what one of my coachees experienced.

Viv wholeheartedly wanted to change her life around. She said it herself she could feel, at the same time, some resistance to the idea.

Are you in the same dilemma? You want to create positive change in your life, yet do you have fierce resistance?

Viv resisted change, which created an inner conflict. There was incongruence between what she wanted, how she felt about it and consequently, her actions. Due to her resistance, her feelings and beliefs did not reflect her deepest desire and subsequently, she felt stuck and conflicted.

The good news is that she was consciously aware of her resistance to change, which meant that she was on the path to a breakthrough.

Let us look at how she expressed resistance and what her beliefs were.

She said: “Change is not always that comfortable. Even if you want to change for the better you have got resistance because it is new, and sometimes new things are very scary, even if they are good. It’s terrible to remain stuck."

Her best coaching breakthrough came when she learnt how she could transform her results.

She realized that she no longer needed to be afraid of change.

She said: “I don’t need to be afraid. I need to just go for it, try it. If it doesn’t work pick up where it doesn’t work and try again.

Her recommendation to overcome resistance is to stop questioning: “if I can’t do that…, if I do that… etc. Stop being on the defensive, let things flow and start thinking I can make things happen. A lot has changed in the way I see, think and go forward from now on.”

Resistance to change is a normal reaction to anything new. With awareness, you can use it constructively as feedback. If you find yourself resisting improving your life, it might mean that you have created a barrier as a protection mechanism.

Resistance to change as a protective barrier underlines fear, the fear of uncertainty and the lack of guarantee that the grass will be greener on the other side if you jump.

Additionally, resistance as a protective barrier can signify a need to feel secure and a need for certainty.

However, the outcome will be unclear to you if you do not take action. Inaction, when you desire to change, is resistance in itself.

Where in your life do you show resistance to the changes you desire to make?

I believe that when you resist change, you need to assess your motivation and enthusiasm for it. Is it a strong desire or just wishful thinking?

If your answer is the former, you want to embrace change, now is time to make it happen.

Key step to accelerate your success:

  • What are you currently resisting even though it will bring you to your next level of growth?

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