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What if you could enjoy this year with a winning mindset and winning habits?

Back in 2020, I created a video presentation entitled The 2020 Review and Reset, where I shared that resetting means starting from scratch. It suggests that you imagine your life as a blank canvas, and you are free to create your colourful and ideal life.

At the beginning of the year, you are highly motivated, and as a result, it seems to be the right time to reset your life.

However, I feel the call to help you cultivate winning mindsets and habits to overcome these challenging times.

For example, I believe it is essential to return to a healthier mindset with the power of positive thinking. In addition, you need to be brave enough throughout the year to push the reset button when certain areas of your life get off track.

2022 is the year of the tiger in the Chinese zodiac. The tiger symbolizes courage, fearlessness and passion.

  • How could you apply more courage and passion in your life?
  • How could you be more daring? Think about these questions for a moment.

Are there things you long for to uplift your spirit, you still have not found the courage to do because it feels uncomfortable? I have good news for you! Your chosen challenge will feel unfamiliar at first. It will become comfortable the more you practise.

I watched an interview with David Goggins recently. He is an American ultramarathon runner, ultra-distance cyclist, triathlete, public speaker, author and mentor to professional athletes. David Goggins says that he pushes himself to the limit to strengthen his mind. He allows himself to go through pain and exceed his limitations in sports to discover the power of his mind and stretch. As a result,  he feels that he is so strong mentally that he can handle events like the loss of a loved one or ill health for example.

His philosophy is not for everyone, and perhaps his achievements may sound extreme because he pushes himself to the limit.

David Goggins suggests that when you think you have reached your limit, this is the right time to do a little bit more than you believe is possible. He affirms that we only use 40% of our capacity. Consequently, to operate at 100%, we need to reach the other 60%. The human mind is powerful; we limit what we believe we can do.

Regarding introducing winning habits, I want to suggest that you train your mind and go the extra mile to experience personal success.

If you have been procrastinating, push yourself to come out of your comfort and do what is necessary anyway. For example, if you operate at 50%, what would an extra 5% of effort mean to you?

To a greater extent, what would performing at 100% mean to you?

Building a “Going the extra mile" winning mindset will boost your confidence and make you feel happy about your achievement.

Human beings exist for the purpose of growth. As you reset your life and start a new year, I invite you to answer these two questions:

  1. What does going the extra mile in everything you do or areas in your life where you procrastinate mean to you?
  2. What makes you feel alive, courageous and passionate?

Then do not just think about it. Take massive action!

Action steps to accelerate your success:

Answer the following two questions:

  1. What does going the extra mile in everything you do or areas in your life where you procrastinate mean to you?
  2. What makes you feel alive, courageous and passionate?

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