How to Ligthen Up Your Workbook of Life…

When you look at your life as a workbook you understand that your life’s challenges and tribulations are lessons to be learnt.

Indeed, when you understand and believe that your life is a workbook of problems to be solved you realise that every problem and challenge in your life serves a purpose.

The sole purpose of your workbook of problems to be solved is to help you grow spiritually as a human being.

From this perspective onwards, it is therefore easier to consider your life’s challenges as allies i.e. as something happening for you and not to you or against you.

When you approach your life from this perspective you give yourself permission to experience life as a gift.

My intention in this blog article is to share with you 5 ways you can lighten up your workbook of life:

  1. Be grateful

The magic of life always starts with gratefulness. It is from this place of gratefulness that you can count your blessings. The more grateful you are the more you live your life from a higher perspective and vibration and the more you attract goodness and greatness into your life.

  1. Let go of resistance

You cannot attract good things into your life from a place of dissatisfaction but from a place of acceptance. Therefore, should you feel dissatisfied in any area of your life it is important that you accept where you are now; you no longer resist or resent it. You are grateful for it since everything in life is in perfect divine order. The less you resist and the more you accept, the freer and lighter you become. It is as if you were decreasing your baggage load.

  1. Raise your personal power

You raise your personal power by becoming aware that all of the answers you seek are within you. You alone can solve your workbook of problems by taking 100% responsibility for your life and results and by self-reflecting.

  1. Solve consciously your workbook of life one by one

Your willingness to grow translates as your desire to solve your workbook of problems one by one. I would start by looking at your character traits. Remember a time in your life when your character traits caused you suffering and unhappiness. Strive to become a better, kinder, loveable and loving person.

  1. Live a love centred life

Whenever you are faced with a problem return to love for answers. Your first action is to choose in favour of inner peace in order to remain centred and strong. When you focus on love you create a life of peace.

Your workbook of life will lighten up the more solution-focused you become. In addition, the more conscious you are of the 5 ways you can lighten up your workbook of life the freer you become.

However, when new problems arise you now have a very efficient way of lightening up your baggage load! All you have to do is to act and follow the 5 steps I have shared with you.

To summarize the 5 ways to lighten up your workbook of life are:

1. Be grateful

2. Let go of resistance

3. Raise your personal power

4. Solve consciously your workbook of life one by one

5. Live a love centred life

Question to accelerate your success:

  • What character trait has caused you the greatest suffering in your life, you must improve in order to experience more love, joy and happiness?

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