Do you agree that the time to start the new year with a head start is now, not January?

In my “Discover My Number One Tip For A Successful Year” I contemplated the idea of starting the new year on a blank canvas.

I love this idea of reinvention through creativity.

We must harness our divine gifts and put them to good use to live our lives powerfully.

Whatever happened this year is gone, and you cannot get this time back. The good news, however, is that there is always room for you to reinvent yourself. That is part of the magic of life.

Tony Robbins said: “One of the things that make us so special is our ability to adapt, to transform, to manipulate objects or ideas to produce something more pleasing or useful."

To start the new year on a clean slate, you need to clean your cupboard, so to speak, and decide now what you choose to let go of and not take with you in the new year.

An easy way to act on this recommendation is to look at what worked for you this year and what did not.

  • What is the new and better you emerging in the forthcoming year?

To reinvent yourself, you need a clear vision and new habits.

Albert Einstein said: “Problems cannot be solved with the same mindset that created them.”

For this reason, you need to take leadership of your life with a clear vision and new success-led habits. 

Positive change through personal development is a communion with your best self so that you can live your life powerfully. Therefore, it entails effort on your part.

To activate your self-growth process, you need to commit to:

  • Letting go of what does not work
  • Keeping doing what works
  • Trying something new, like a new habit of growth

What are you willing to commit to in the forthcoming year?

Take some time this week to think of the new habit or habits you are happy to introduce in the new year so that you already have a vision for your life and something to move toward.

When you create a vision for your life and have a roadmap, you know where to direct your life instead of being lost in multiple directions.

Jesse Itzler, for example, has an annual planning calendar that he fills in advance to include all of the activities he wishes to experience and, most importantly, how he will spend his precious time.

His Big A## Calendar that helps you Build Your Life Resume is a year in view to plan and dominate your year and works well for people who are orderly and love to plan things well in advance. Above all, it is a notable process for individuals who love to have fun, challenge themselves and do more of the things they love.

  • What does your vision for your life look like as you build a better you?

My energy is high because I am on purpose. I am committed to increasing my leadership in the new year and creating new habits. These new habits will be related to giving more, improving productivity, and creating impact, but also doing things I love doing I have not done for a while, like dancing and singing or trying new things like cooking classes, for example.

  • What about you? What are your vision for your life and your business if this applies?
  • What are the three things you commit to improving in your life? If three things seem overwhelming,
  • What is the one thing you commit to improving in your life?

A new year, a new you, means not repeating the same patterns that limit your happiness and progress.

It is about accomplishing your dreams and not just thinking about them.

It serves the purpose of improving the quality of your life and cultivating great relationships with others.

it is about mind-body balance, improving your character and keeping in good shape with high energy levels.

It is about giving more.

  • What does a new year, a new you, mean to you?

Now is your time to get a head start. Go ahead and take some time to journal on these three questions. You will be part of the 3% who set goals and do whatever it takes to achieve them.

I suggest you have your goals in writing, set 30, 60 or 90-day goals or have a yearly plan, like Jesse Itzler, whatever works best for you and follow through throughout the year by taking the necessary actions.

Key steps to accelerate your success:

Please take some time to answer the following three questions:

  1. What does a new year, a new you, mean to you?
  2. What are your vision for your life and your business if this applies?
  3. What are the three things you commit to improving in your life? (If three things seem too much you can choose one thing).

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