How To Create Happiness With The Gratitude Experiment

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Introducing The Gratitude Experiment…

The Gratitude Experiment is a practice I invite you to be part of for 30 days and observe what happens and how you feel at the end of it.

Being grateful is the attitude of being thankful for all of the goodness, people, events in our life.

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Most of the time, our general tendency is to blame, shame, judge, compare, envy or criticize. 

With the prevailing negativity which bombards us daily through the mass media, it is sometimes difficult to see the light. If we are not careful, we can be swayed towards more negativity. 

The Gratitude Experiment goes against this wave of pessimism and negativity. 

It is an invitation to be consciously grateful for the simplest things in life. I am sure you have people around you who are going through tough challenges. It is a blessing to share with them the Gratitude Experiment.

However, what does it entail?

It is simple. It entails writing down, recording or saying out loud for 30 days first thing in the morning and a at the end of the day 7-10 things you are grateful for in your life. 

As a result, you welcome life as a gift, and you start the day afresh with a positive outlook and attitude. 

As we express our gratitude to the universe, mother earth, higher power and the people we love, we open up our hearts, give and spread love. 

It is exhausting to dwell on what is not working in your life. Whereas, when you are grateful, you can count your blessings and move your life forward with a positive attitude.

Another positive attribute of gratefulness is that it lifts your vibration and what you attract in your life.

If you want to attract more goodness, be grateful for all the goodness in your life. 

I learnt from Napoleon Hill that to become a better person, we need to be grateful for all our riches: the positive and natural attributes that make us kind and loving human beings. Our gratefulness strengthens our authentic power, and we start the day positively.

If you believe that you have been taking things for granted, it is time to open your heart more to all the love you have received because you have unconsciously turned a blind eye to it.

I understand that you cannot see goodness sometimes when the only thing you see is the challenges. Therefore be aware of your thoughts as you start and end the day. Be consciously grateful for the fantastic day ahead and the positivity it brings.

Since you are free, adopting a positive or negative attitude will result in different outcomes. However, the significant value to bear in mind is that you become what you think about:

  • Be grateful, and you will attract more goodness in your life.
  • Be defeatist, and nothing will change positively. You will feel disempowered and fall into the trap of victimhood.

Key steps to accelerate your success:

  1. Click here to join The Gratitude Experiment On Facebook and discover the Gratitude Cards.
  2. Start your daily gratitude practice by saying out loud, writing in your journal or recording 7-10 things you are grateful for. 
  3. End the day with your gratitude practice.

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