How To Boost Your Self-Worth To Live Your Purpose

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I remember that day:

I am walking on the underground platform in Piccadilly and thinking: "This cannot be it for my life, I want to do something meaningful that impacts lives."

There had been previously some triggers that brought me to desire greater life fulfilment. The principal causes were boredom at work, a desire for change and give my life meaning. Boredom at work for me equates to feeling dispirited and is unbearable.

Little do I know as I walk on the underground platform that I am at a turning point in my life. I am yearning for a more purpose-driven life where I can follow my passions and the joy of my soul.

The purpose-driven journey is one of self-discovery and self-exploration and the full expression of love. I love my purpose-driven journey.

Of course, when I discovered that my life’s purpose is to enhance the lives of others, I changed my occupation and became a complementary therapist. I am on purpose while I uncover first my gift as a healer. Then my quest has been to improve even more as a human being; as a result, I discovered my gift as an author.

When you live a purpose-driven life, you unleash your greatest gifts and follow the joy of your soul. In other words, you live the life you are designed to live.

Perhaps you are at a crossroads?

You have discovered your purpose in life, and you are sitting on the fence.

If you want to follow the joy of your soul and low self-esteem disguised as the fear of not being good enough gets in the way, here are four tips to increase your self worth so that you live a purpose-driven life.

However, first thing first. The prerequisite for these four tips to work for you is that you must both trust yourself and the process of personal growth.

Following are the four tips:

Tip #1: Honour your vision

When you honour your vision, you have a clear picture of what you desire you can hold in your mind. Your vision gives you a direction, and the universe will show you the path to follow. Imagination, therefore, is a powerful tool. Your vision is an idea or dream you hold dear both in your mind and heart.

Tip #2: Honour your heart

You need to trust the process if you feel deep in your heart and your gut that this is what you are meant to be doing. Surrender to the process to live your passions as well as a fulfilling and meaningful life. The key is to take your first step.

Tip #3: Honour your voice

It is your birthright to seek freedom of expression. When you feel constrained in any shape or form, this impairs your freedom of expression. Whereas when you live purposefully, you do not settle with the status quo. You align your self-expression with the values that are most important to you and your authentic self.

Tip #4: Honour your gifts

Can you imagine wasting your gifts because you do not honour them? Your gifts are part of who you are, part of your genius. Moreover, they evolve when you yearn for a purpose-driven life.

It is time to take your life to a deeper level of expression so that you follow the joy of your soul.

I hope you agree that a purpose-driven life is worthy of your vision, your voice, your heart and your gifts.

All you need to do now is trust the process and embark on your new journey by taking your first step. It is well worth it, and you are worthy.


Key steps to accelerate your success:

  • Do not waste any time: your gifts to the world await their full expression.

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