There are two crucial ingredients for creating more balance and harmony in your life that you may be missing: commitment and integrity.

Many of us strive for more balance, harmony, and peace but often struggle to maintain it. That is where commitment and integrity come into play.

Think about the commitments you have made to yourself, such as practising self-care, leading a healthy lifestyle, nurturing relationships, or dedicating time to contemplation. Whatever your intention is, these commitments are your way of reducing stress, building resilience, and cultivating peace in your life. A commitment requires a high level of awareness and performance. It is a command that we give ourselves. But, the real challenge lies in honouring those commitments.

I firmly believe that honouring your commitment starts by moving your intention from your head to your heart. It is about truly embodying your responsibility and making it an integral part of who you are.

Let us consider for example the commitment of athletes. If you were given the opportunity to compete in a 400m run at the Olympics, you would undoubtedly be committed to doing everything possible to win for your country. You would go the extra mile by following these rules:

  • First, you would do your best.
  • Second, you would keep going no matter what. There will undoubtedly be obstacles along the way, but you have built the belief that you will overcome them.
  • Lastly, you would operate under the strong belief that winners never quit. You understand it is easier to give up too soon than to keep going. But real commitment tests your endurance. 

However, where many of us falter is in staying in integrity. Integrity means being whole or complete. Procrastination often keeps us from staying in integrity. For instance, you may have promised yourself to get better organized by sorting out your paperwork and decluttering, but each day passes, and you still have not done it. This lack of follow-through creates a disconnect between what you say you will do and what you actually do.

When we say we will do something and fail to act, we are not in integrity. Staying in integrity means following through on our promises to ourselves and others. It requires conscious attention to the commitments we make. It is far better to set intentions that we will honour for sure.

Here is an exercise you can do:

Take a moment to reflect on your promises to others and yourself regarding creating more balance and harmony in your life. It could be something as simple as having dinner with your partner without the children every three weeks or committing to exercising at least twice a week to improve your health.

Have you followed through on your promises?

If so, congratulations on staying in integrity.

If not, do not worry. It is time to explore what would motivate you to stay in integrity with these promises you have made.

Remember, words are powerful and carry energy. Therefore, a promise is not just empty words. It is a commitment. When we stay in integrity our words carry authenticity. This authenticity fuels our actions and brings us closer to creating the balanced and harmonious life we desire.

You can apply this exercise on commitment and integrity beyond the realm of life balance and harmony. Consider other aspects of your life where you may need to increase your integrity. It could be in your work, relationships, or personal growth.

Key steps to accelerate your success:

  • Examine your commitment and integrity more closely and see where improvements are needed in all areas of your life.

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