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Change is inevitable, and you must embrace it if you desire to grow.

I know how scary change can be. However, we have not lived if we do not go through changes in life because it is part of our spiritual growth. 

Change can be painful: we go through unexpected life changes, grief when we lose a loved one; redundancy when we lose our job; divorce when we separate from our wife or husband; we experience an unexpected illness etc.

Change can be pleasurable: or we make change happen like quitting our job for a new and better one; starting our own business; getting married and starting a family; opting for a change of scenery like moving to another country for a new adventure, etc. 

Embrace change, whether it is painful, scary or pleasurable.

Transformation is inevitable for the sake of growth and when you desire to progress.

I am sure you heard the saying: "a picture is worth a thousand words."

Therefore to cover the topic of positive change, I love to use the examples that nature gives us.

The first example is the change of seasons:

  • The leaves of a maple tree, for example, change colour through the seasons.  
  • Due to long dark days in autumn and winter, the trees cannot make as much food and the leaves change colour. They turn into brilliant reds, oranges and golds in autumn before they drop off the trees which go bare in winter. 
  • In spring, the leaf buds spring out.
  • In summer, the tree is thick in full bloom with lush and green leaves. 

The second example is the transformation of the butterfly. It is a perfect example of change equals growth.

  • A butterfly goes through four stages of growth or metamorphosis and transforms into the most beautiful insect. 
  • Metamorphosis is a Greek word that means transformation or change in shape. 
  • The first stage is the egg which is laid in spring, summer or autumn.
  • The second stage is the feeding stage: the larva or caterpillar splits its skin and sheds it about 4 or 5 times as it eats and grows. It can grow 109 times its size during this stage. 
  • The third stage is the transition stage. The caterpillar becomes a pupa or chrysalis when it is fully grown and stops eating. Significant changes are happening inside the pupa, even though it may seem like nothing is going on. 
  • And lastly, the fourth stage is the reproductive stage or the adult stage. The butterfly has long legs, antennae and compound eyes. It can fly also. 
  • The life cycle of the butterfly is a positive change! Can you imagine the following: at the second stage of transformation, the caterpillar decides: "eh I don’t want to go further…I don’t want to grow anymore!" 

I want you to think where in your life, perhaps you have started to create change but have given up or think of giving up.

  • What does positive change mean to you?
  • Does it scare you, inspire you or motivate you?

Apart from the six main stages of the human life cycle: foetus, baby, child, adolescent, adulthood and elderly, can you imagine and recollect the various stages you have gone through life to date as a result of change? 

There are probably too many to remember.

Are you are like me, dissatisfied with the status quo or unhappy with just coping with life? If so, I believe you are committed to growth, to leading your life and to continuous progress.

Therefore when you equate change to continuous progress, you give your life meaning and grow spiritually in the process. 

Your spiritual growth goes through various steps: inevitably,

You grow in awareness: you get to know yourself more and more when you follow the path of change.

You grow in resilience: the so-called failures and setbacks make you stronger.

You grow in confidence: the more you attempt things, the more you develop confidence. Sitting on the fence does not make things happen.

You become a better person: you learn from your mistakes and grow in wisdom.

You elevate your life: as you commit to your life, you come out of your comfort zone, feel the fear and do what is necessary anyway to improve the quality of your life.

If you are hesitating whether you should opt for change or not, imagine the amount of growth you will acquire as a result. In any case, taking a jump is better than not at all. 

When you choose to lead your life, I believe that the best changes are the ones you make happen.

Do not let your present circumstances dictate your future. Create your circumstances instead. 

If you are dissatisfied with the status quo, change it.


Key step to accelerate your success:

  • Should you be dissatisfied with the status quo, change it!


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