I had an out of the blue, challenging start to the year. I felt stuck in my business.

Let me share what it looked like:

  • I doubted whether I was on the right path.
  • I did not seem to be motivated by what I was focusing on.
  • I questioned my life purpose.

You probably feel the same about your work or a particular area of your life.

As a result, you feel frustrated, confused and disheartened. However, it does not have to be that way.

I must share that the unexpected sense of feeling lost, at the beginning of the year, was life-changing.

I know, difficult to believe but true.

What looked like a setback has been an opportunity. This could be true for you too.

This so-called setback has allowed me to go back to the drawing board to get my creativity going. And it worked. As a creative person, I have never been so clear about what I am doing in my business.

The most remarkable result was that instead of contracting or feeling disempowered altogether, I chose to expand my thinking and perception.

I asked myself empowering questions as opposed to "why me?" "why now etc.?" I allowed some space for something great and new to emerge. I asked myself what I needed to expand to move forward so that I look at the situation with a growth mindset.

Dale Carnegie said the following about our mind power: “Thought is a form of energy that is distributed through the brain, but it has one peculiar quality unknown in connection with all other forms of energy, it has intelligence! Thought can be controlled and directed toward the attainment of anything man may desire. In fact, thought is the only thing over which any person has complete, unchallenged control.”

This statement is powerful and is exactly what I did I controlled my thoughts and this takes practice.

The success formula E + R = O was handy. If you do not know this formula yet, It helps you deal with any situation in the most powerful way. It stipulates that how you respond to any event will dictate the outcome. 

You can write this down: E + R = O. E equals event, R equals response, and O equals outcome. The way you respond to any event gives you a particular result.

Since I wanted a positive outcome, I responded positively to the feeling of being stuck and envisioned a positive end result out of the experience.

Take a moment now to answer this question: Where in your life do you tend to contract instead of expanding?

I expanded my vision instead of contracting it because it felt like I needed to make space for something new to emerge.

Since a great attitude yields great results, I have now regained the motivation to create a positive impact with focus, clarity and micro-wins.

You might be in the same situation, i.e. feeling stuck in a particular area of your life.

However, my goal is to share that your circumstance might mean that you have the opportunity to:

  • Return to the drawing board, review where you are and correct your course.
  • Do things differently, like changing direction completely.
  • Return to flow. I would equate the sense of flow to simplicity instead of complexity in this instance. In other words, have you complicated things instead of keeping them simple?

Should you feel stuck right now, see it as a lesson to sit back, and review so that you can take a leap forward in the right direction. Allow this process to flow so that the direction of your new compass comes to you with ease as you expand your vision for your life. Any contraction in your thinking will slow down the development process. In short, you need to improve your thinking habits and create space for something new to emerge.

When you think about it when you contract there is a sense of resistance and when you expand there is a sense of openness.

I’m curious! Where do you feel you need to expand in your life?


Key steps to accelerate your success:

Please answer the following questions:

  • Where do you feel you need to expand in your life?
  • Do you allow some space for something great and new to emerge in your life?


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