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We are more than halfway through the year, and below are three questions for reflection. These questions are pertinent because we do not take the time to work on self-development and now is the opportune moment.

  1. How are you feeling?

Focusing on how you are feeling gives you clues about what you have been thinking.

  1. How are you doing?

If you set a purposeful goal at the start of the year, have you committed decidedly to the fulfilment of your desire? In other words, have you taken steps to make your dream a reality?

  1. How are you progressing?
  • Are you happy with your progress?
  • Do you have a sense that you are making progress?

If not, it is time to measure your progress by answering this question: how far have you come since you set your purposeful goals?

When you set a purposeful goal, it is hard to achieve it unless you have a clear plan to measure your progress.

  • How are you progressing concerning your masterplan?
  • Are you moving forward step by step as intended?

If you are falling behind because fear is slowing you down, it is time to release the brakes or step out of your comfort zone.

The celebrated philosopher Jim Rohn said that: "Success lies outside of your comfort zone."

Releasing the brakes to accelerate your success is a powerful tool. I love the idea of releasing the brakes to reignite your purposeful goal. When you use the brakes, you remain at a standstill, or you slow down. Therefore, when you release the brakes you move faster until you accomplish your purposeful goal.

If you have been procrastinating and doubting yourself, here are some tips to release the brakes and keep moving forward successfully to achieve your purposeful goal.

Below are four actionable tips to release the brakes:

Tip #1: Review your WHY, why you set up your purposeful goal in the first place.

Tip #2: Shake up and transcend all the self-imposed limiting beliefs that prevent you from rising. When you improve your self-image and change your perception, you can rise above your self-imposed limiting beliefs. Expand your field of possibilities by focusing on how you can make it happen instead of why you can’t. 

Tip #3: Give it all you've got. A purposeful goal resonates with your heart and is extremely meaningful because it equates to a fulfilling life. You will find it challenging to achieve your ambitious goal unless you release the brakes and give it all you have got.

Tip #4: Go the extra mile. This additional effort will be worth it because it will produce results. Keep pushing yourself forward diligently until you reach your destination. The fine line between setting your purposeful goal and achieving it is the small actions you take between goal setting and goal achieving.

To get to your destination faster and if you feel you are not where you want to be yet, here is what I suggest you do:

  • Get clarity and assess how much you have accomplished to date. Most of the time, we achieve more than we believe.
  • Review your vision and describe what other actions you need to take over the next three months to move even closer to your purposeful goal. Remember that you will need to take more than one significant attempt. For example, it took the Chicken Soup For The Soul Series 140 rejections before it became an extremely successful project with more than 250 published books and millions of copies sold worldwide. 
  • Success is not an overnight miracle but a process of endurance, courage and perseverance.
  • Now that you have established your micro-goals, as part of your big picture, start taking steps.

And remember that any setback is a reminder that you are falling forward. A setback is just feedback to review your strategy so that you can spread your wings even more.

Keep going until, at the end of the three months, you have realized everything you put down on paper and set to do. Imagine how it would feel. Review anything outstanding.

Action step to accelerate your success:

  • Believe that you can fulfil your vision for your life, live your purpose, and you will make your dream come true.

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