"Your external riches pale compared to your internal riches."

You will discover in this blog article how to start overcoming your life’s challenges at best.

The first significant point is that you can only solve your problems from the inside out. In other words, whatever is going on inside will show externally. Other people seek solutions outside of themselves and forget or neglect their creative power. 

One key component of your creative power is your ability to respond to your life’s challenges.

What does this all mean?

There are two basic questions you need to answer earnestly when you are faced with a problem.

  • The first question is, am I willing? In other words, are you willing to solve the problem?
  • The second question is: am I able? In other words, can you make it happen? Can you make the healthy changes you strongly desire?

It is only when you choose to take the driving seat to solve your life’s challenge; you can respond. Take the opportunity now to answer these two questions.

To this effect, consider something in your life you are dissatisfied with and answer the two questions. 

Let us say you are dissatisfied with your finances: 

  • Scale your level of dissatisfaction from 1 to 10 (1 being very dissatisfied and 10 being very satisfied).

Then answer the two questions:

  • Am I willing to change my financial situation for the better?
  • Am I able to change my financial situation for the better?

Note that the answer lies with you and you are in total control. You have to want it and then do whatever is necessary to make it happen.

Since the outcome will depend on your actions; if you answer yes to the two questions, go ahead and act on them.

Should your answer be no, however, you need to identify where in your thinking you are holding yourself back and what possible additional resources you need to make healthy changes. 

For example, you might need external support from a loved one, friend or financial coach to feel motivated to activate change, or you might need to read a relevant book to give you the confidence you need to pursue your ideal.

The second significant point is that when your life is not unfolding the way you would like to, you can empower yourself by seeking an answer within first. Do not expect the external world to create your inner world but rather turn things around expect your inner world to create your external world. This principle is in alignment with a self-help mind whereby your external environment reflects what is going on inside. Therefore no matter how much you try to change the external environment, it will be no avail if you do not change what is going on inside first; in other words, your mental activity.

Should you be contemplating a positive change in your life, remember that one key component of your creative power is your ability to respond. Start by answering these two basic questions:


Key steps to accelerate your success:

To increase your ability to respond to your life's challenges, start by answering these two basic questions:

  1. Am I willing?
  2. Am I able?

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