Do you intend to have a successful year?

What is my tip #1 which will help you have a successful year?

I shared with you at the beginning of the year my best tips for 2020 and over the next 8 weeks I am going to expand on each best tip individually so that you can use, in your own life, the tips that resonate with you and suit you best.

My first tip for a successful year is to start afresh.

There is one specific step you can take to start afresh, which is to let go of the past and in particular of the things that belong to the past you can no longer change. Starting the year afresh sets you free because holding on to the past clutters your mind with unnecessary worry, stress and restlessness.

In this blog article, I invite you instead to fall in love with the idea of viewing your life as a new beginning: as if you were looking at a blank canvas which is ready for your new creation to emerge. This way of visualizing your life opens up a new door for positive change, hope and transformation.

However, in order to start afresh your new creation requires you to let go of things that belong to the past which are beyond your control in other words you cannot do anything about.

What you want to consider instead is to focus on the things that are in your control you can do something about and you can change. This new perception of life is liberating because it stops you from wasting your energy on things that are obsolete.

What would happen to your well being if you were more present with the present moment and letting go of things that you cannot change because they are beyond your control and they belong to the past? All you can do is to take away the lessons and be present in the present moment.

Accelerate your success today:

In order to start afresh for a successful year what I want you to do now are three things:

Step #1: I want you to write down on a piece of paper the things that worry you the most and come up to the surface over and over again.

Step #2: Put an asterisk next to the things which are beyond your control and you cannot change and a star next to the things you can control and change.

Step #3: Make the decision today to focus your energy only on the things on your list you can control and change and discard the rest.

Now is your time to start the year afresh and your new creation.

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