Discover 3 Ways To Overcome Analysis Paralysis

* Do you have the tendency to over-analyze or overthink?

* Do you need to have all the data, nitty gritty details before you make a decision?

* Are you a perfectionist?

Is this you?

Someone shares an idea with you or you come up with an idea and you have to over-analyze or overthink it. You want to go deeper and deeper in your analysis and feel that you need to know more and more, however you do not come up with a clear outcome.

You fall victim of analysis paralysis or paralysis analysis when you:

  • Make the content and context more complicated than they are
  • Analyze the pros and cons and focus primarily on the cons
  • Think, debate and compare all options for hours: “would A option work or would B option work?”
  • Spin your wheel in total confusion and this drains your energy.

It is a good to look at things in details but not to the point where it paralyses you and stops you from taking the first step and moving forward.

Here are three ways you could overcome analysis paralysis and stop overthinking or over-analyzing:

1. Let go of fear

Analysis paralysis is fear in disguise: the fear of failure

It could be the fear of making the wrong decision or the fear of being wrong in front of others. Generally, it is from your mistakes that you learn the most and grow.

Can you think of any situation in your life when the fear of making the wrong decision stopped you from taking the next steps and moving forward? As a consequence, you remained stuck.

What would it mean to you to free yourself emotionally and to free your mind by becoming more carefree?

A carefree attitude is one where you tell yourself:  “Que sera sera, a choice has to be made” and no matter what, you do the best you can in accordance with your knowledge, skills and level of awareness.

2. Let go of perfectionism

Analysis paralysis is perfectionism in disguise: let go of imperfections.

Your mind might go round and round in circle: “what if this works… and if this does not work…”, “What would happen if…”, “What about that….”, “An other way could be…”, “And an other option could be …”, “Ok this could be it but…” , “yes but…”, “Ok this is good but…”, etc.

You could limit your options and give yourself a deadline by which you will make a decision otherwise it will never happen.

You do not need to have all of the details to make a decision you just need the essential to feel comfortable enough.

3. Let go of confusion

Analysis paralysis is overwhelm in disguise: let go of complexity

You confuse yourself when you overthink and over-analyze things. You believe that you will get clearer by over-analyzing or overthinking but in reality you get more and more confused and overwhelmed.

Can you look at areas of your life where you are not clear? How could you create greater clarity by identifying what you really want?

Simplify your thinking by focusing on only things you can control and let go of things you cannot control.

Simplify your life by limiting the amount of information you give yourself access to and by telling yourself that you know enough and you do not need to know more at this stage. Avoid being inundated by too much information.

Analysis paralysis might be breaking your stride and it is time to change this and move forward.

Question to accelerate your success:

  • What is analysis paralysis stopping you from being or doing?

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