In times of crisis, do not follow the crowd. Go in the opposite direction.

Yes, indeed. In times of crisis, most people will retreat into fear, worry and concern about the future.

Their worries are justified. However, it means that they become victims of their circumstances. As you know, a victim tends to suffer a lot. Nevertheless, you are better than that. 

On the other hand, a hero or light warrior has a growth mindset and transcends any limitation by asking this powerful question. 

What else is possible? 


Does this apply to you? Do you feel that the world has fallen into gloom and doom? However, remember that we live in a world of duality, and, eventually, we all have to choose how we want to live.

Heroes and light warriors do not settle for the status quo; they look for possibilities.

It means you have a choice to either sit in the victim camp or the hero or light warrior camp. 

To increase your happiness and that of the people in your life, I highly recommend that you, like the hero or light warrior, do the same and look for possibilities.

Do not follow the mainstream of impossibilities, lack and limitations. Go, instead, in the opposite direction.

You may wonder how it benefits you. Whenever you ask yourself what else is possible, your awareness shifts to an expanded vision for your life, your family, society and the world.

This life-changing process follows the law of compensation. You replace something of a lower nature with something of a higher nature. According to this process, you substitute darkness, negativity and suffering that fear, worry and contraction bring for a vision filled with hope, positivity and possibilities. In other words, you replace something that does not work and keep you stuck with something that does work.

What else is possible for your life? Take a pen and paper and reflect on this question with a growth mindset as you expand your vision for your life. That is such a great exercise so take some time to do it. 

What you believe in persists. Consequently, do not remain in the fear-based mindset of lack and scarcity and start trusting that you live in an abundant world. Abundance comes from the Latin word 'abundare,' which means to overflow.

Above all, you need to believe in love which is the opposite of fear. Say YES! to love as a rule. Love has no limit except the limit we put upon it. It is the highest value. Only in the energy of love can you become limitless and expand. By contrast, when your mindset is fear-based, you can only contract and retreat. And if you feel that you are like a rubber band that tends to contract and expand, contract and expand, choose love wholeheartedly and trust that love is the answer and always wins.

Key step to accelerate your success:

Your success step is to answer the following question:

  • What else is possible for your life?

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