Do not settle for less than what is possible for you.

In this blog article, I want to give you a head up and some encouragement since you are at the level where you awaken to higher possibilities for your life: bigger dreams, more happiness, peace, harmony and fulfilment.

Your awakening may be the result of a new transition or life cycle. Or a deeper understanding of who you are in truth.

Your awakening may also be the new awareness that you are in control of your life, a creator and a carrier of endless possibilities.

However, with your new awareness, you may wonder what to do and where to go next.

In his book “Think and Grow Rich,” Napoleon Hill said: "Whatever your mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve." I love to reflect on this quote when I start to doubt myself.

Napoleon Hill’s invitation to explore the power of the mind leads us to understand that goal achievement results from two ideas: visualising what you want and believing you can achieve it.

In other words, you will be a successful goal achiever when you conceive, in your mind, what you want and believe it can come true.

This idea is the starting point of success in goal achievement. Let me share now how you can put it into practice.

You currently have an idea or goal in mind. You think about it repeatedly, and it is constantly on your mind. As a result of that thought, you start creating a vision or visualising what you want.

Let us say that your goal is to do what you love in your career. As you repeatedly visualise your new purpose-driven work life, you activate your creative power, and your dream seems palpable. Your objective becomes increasingly clear because it is as if it is already happening through your imagination and creative process.

Are you at that stage? You have a vision of something you want to create, and the more you think about it, the more vivid your vision becomes. However, you feel stuck.

Do you remember what Napoleon Hill said? He said that vision is not enough to achieve your goal because belief is the second success principle you need.

I think this is where other people get stuck on their goal-achievement journey. They fail to strengthen their belief by creating success habits and cultivating a strong mindset for success.

You need to have faith and believe that you can achieve your goal because doubt creeps in.

How do you increase your belief that you can make your dream come true?

To answer this question, I want to share five steps you can take to increase your belief. You will get closer to achieving your goals when you adopt these five steps as your success habits:

Step #1: Be fully engaged

I believe that when you fully engage in what you want to create, you can achieve it more easily. Doing things half-heartedly is tedious. Besides, if you are not fully involved in your goal, perhaps it is not big enough. Your complete engagement requires focus.

Therefore you will need to disengage from distractions, such as procrastination. Giving in to distractions indicates that you need to feel more dedicated to your goal. The countermeasure that I find works is spending some time on your success plan weekly without fail. Another way of describing full engagement is total commitment.

Total commitment is your pledge to go the extra mile to achieve your goal.

You can pledge now to be fully engaged in achieving your goal.

Step #2: Be clear

I cannot stress this point enough. Robin Sharma said: "Clarity precedes success." This statement rings true to me. What do you think? Be clear about what you want if you feel confused right now. Remaining in a state of confusion will discourage you and stop you from moving forward and achieving your goal.

To gain more clarity, you need a clear why and take some time to answer these questions:

  • Why do you want to achieve your chosen goal?
  • Why do you want it?

For example, why do you want a purpose-driven career?

Once you take the time to answer these questions, you become crystal clear about your motivation behind your goal achievement journey.

Step #3: Own your skills

You own your skills when you acknowledge what you are good at and recall where you have succeeded.

Owning your skills is an essential practice when you doubt yourself. If you have experienced success in your life once, you can do it again. Take a sheet of paper or your journal and recall your success journey.

I invite you to answer the following questions honestly:

  • What have you done successfully in your life?
  • What  are you good at? and
  • What sparkles your joy?

Remembering the successes you have experienced thus far will boost your confidence.

Step #4: Take Action

According to Jim Rohn, success is outside of your comfort zone. When you live in your comfort zone, you do not grow. However, when you start to stretch out of your comfort zone, you experience growth.

This statement is key because your success lies in the person you become and your attitude on your goal-achievement journey.

Consequently, you need to take action to come out of your comfort zone, build your confidence and create daily success habits.

Keeping your foot on the brake because of the fear of failure will stop you from reaching your next level. However, taking action will help you build confidence and belief in increments.

Step #5: Get support

When you share your vision with the right people, they support your goal-achievement journey. Nothing is achieved alone.

Surrounding yourself with people who hold you accountable will triple your motivation and keep you on track.

Another reason to get support is to increase your skill set. Increasing your skill set will also boost your confidence.

  • What skills do you need to learn and improve to achieve your goal? 

If you have an idea in mind that persists and offers higher possibilities for your life, and you feel stuck, now is your time to level up to your next step.

You can implement the five steps I mentioned to build a success mindset, increase your belief and stay motivated to achieve your goal.

Remember, as always, now is your time to transform your life one step at a time.

To do so, here is a recap of the five steps you can take now to start building success consciousness:

  • Step #1: Be fully engaged to be 100% committed to your goal.
  • Step #2: Be clear to stay motivated and inspired.
  • Step #3: Own your skills to strengthen your belief.
  • Step #4: Take action to boost your confidence and start experiencing success.
  • Step #5: Get support to stay on track.

Key steps to accelerate your success:

  • Follow the five steps mentioned above to start building success consciousness.

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