Are you a creature of habits?

On hearing this question, we think automatically of unhealthy habits.

The more I deepen my study of personal achievement and success, the more I realise that installing healthy habits in your everyday life is essential to improve your life. So I ought to rephrase my question: are you a creature of healthy habits?

To frame the definition of healthy habits, I would say that they are the things you do on a daily basis that contribute to the enhancement of your well-being, joie de vivre, happiness and that of others.

Regrettably, unhealthy or bad habits are when you are absorbed in self-pity, and victimhood and do not know how to get out of that cycle. Your negative thought process and pessimism control you instead of the other way round.

You feel empowered when you observe yourself increasingly, elevate your thoughts and make this practice a habit.

Make it a habit to grow in self-awareness as an observer as you listen to the critical voice trying to disempower you instead of enhancing your betterment.

A critical voice would make you feel like a loser and disempower you. Especially when you attempt to improve, it will try to make you lose hope. The critical voice might say something similar: "Dream on your life will never get better." You take one step forward regardless. You might feel motivated for a while. Then you feel frustrated again because you return to the old disempowering behaviour pattern and hold true to what the critical voice says.

Is that critical voice the authentic you? I do not think so because there is a misalignment between what you desire (the new you that seeks self-expression) and your disempowering behaviour pattern.

To transform your disempowering behaviour pattern into an empowering one, you need to create a new consistent habit, that of the observer.

As an observer, you can see and hear what the critical voice says. When you observe your negative or toxic thoughts, they zap your energy and wear you down. It is so unhelpful. The more you notice that critical voice in action and change your discourse into an empowering one, the more you will create the new habit of positive thinking followed by actionable steps, deeper trust and belief in your own power.

Harness your creative power positively to increase your well-being and the well-being of people you love. Let go of the old and create a brand new story where your self-image feels empowered as you activate a significant shift from victimhood to sheer personal leadership.

You might think that this is easier said than done. However, the most important thing is to get started. Many people seek ways to improve themselves and their life. They have the tools, but they never get started. Start and decide now to change your disempowering habits. You know which one does or does not serve you by observing how it makes you feel. Does it make you feel better or worse?

You have the power to make a change, and it starts today.

And if sometimes you feel that you start changing a healthy habit and return to the old pattern, which is a disservice, do not get disappointed in yourself. Discipline yourself to learn from the lesson, uncover what behaviour pattern triggered the shift, get back on track and take a step further next time. Above all, do not give up. It takes courage, faith and perseverance to create new healthy habits. You can do it!


Key steps to accelerate your success:

What new healthy habits can you introduce in your life today and pursue on a consistent basis?

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