Are You Ready? Now.


  • Get your life back on track
  • Say yes to the path to happiness, success and life fulfilment
  • Encourage your best self so that you can thrive and be free
  • Live the authentic and extraordinary life you are meant to live
  • Experience a life of love so that you can find peace

You do not have to struggle anymore and now is your time to get your life back on track and maximize your potential. You can do this not just by learning the right mindset for success, how to set and achieve goals etc. but by learning and understanding at a deeper level of awareness the steps you need to take to live a soulful life filled with peace, purpose and prosperity.

Pascale Gibon Photo - Founder of YES To Training, YES To Love Academy and Creator of The Love, Rise, Shine Method.

Imagine If You...

  • Increased your happiness ten-fold
  • Fulfilled your life's mission
  • Lived your life in alignment with your true nature
  • Dug deep and did the inner work so that you can live the life you were designed to live
  • Lived your life on your terms
  • Achieved personal and professional success
  • Raised your personal power to impact the world positively
  • Grew spiritually
  • Lit up the flame of your passion and life's purpose
  • Fulfilled your dreams
  • Said YES! to love and your best Y.O.U (Your Own Uniqueness)
  • Regained your zest for life and experienced more joy
  • Started living a life that matters

What do you really really want? You are in the right place if you:

  • are now ready to get your life back on track and feel alive!
  • choose to meet your own needs
  • want to get out of the rut that is keeping you stuck
  • want to awaken your authentic self to live an extraordinary life
  • want to be crystal clear about what path to follow next to get to your vision and fulfil your life's mission
  • want to experience more joy and happiness in your life
  • want to find peace and be free
  • want to stand up, stand out and express your uniqueness
  • want to find and live your life's purpose


Dear Friend,

As the Founder of the YES! To® Love Movement, the e-learning platform YES! To® Training (Maximizing Your Every Step To True Transformation), the live events and workshops platform YES! To® Love Academy, the creator of the L.R.S Method (The Love, Rise, Shine Method), the #1 bestselling author of YES! TO Love™ and the author of The Essential Guide To Success Checklist I help awakening women in life transition elevate their personal power so that they can live a soulful life; a life that fulfils them with courage, confidence and freedom better than they have before, even if they have lost all hope. I have taught and facilitated personal development and success since 2009.

During my work as a transformational life's purpose, life fulfilment and success coach the questions I am asked all the time by my clients are:

  • How can they transform their lives and change their direction?
  • How can they take their life to the next level of progress?
  • How can they get to their vision and fulfil their life's purpose?
  • How can they build their self-confidence so that they can thrive?
  • How can they find the courage to go all-in?
  • How can they be free and find peace in their life?
  • How can they awaken their authentic self?

I produce spiritually driven work based on spiritual truth.

My life's purpose, as a visionary and creative, is to support, inspire and empower women as well as guide them to happiness through love and joy in the context of understanding and compassion.

Also known as a 'Change Catalyst' for your growth, transformation and success I am highly intuitive and I have the particular talent of helping you bring out the best in you from a higher level of awareness and reignite your life from your deepest core in alignment with your true power.

I am passionate about body awareness and wellness (I was a dancer and therapist for many years) as well as personal and spiritual development (learning from the best mentors in the industry and practising what I preach...).

I look forward to helping you learn, understand and apply the principles, tools, and techniques which will help you be free, express your uniqueness, create your positive impact, find peace, get to your vision as well as live a more fulfilling life: one which is purposeful, meaningful and aligned with your true power.

It is time for you to take action and start living a life that matters; the life you are meant to live: An Extraordinary Life of Love.

Dare to dream it, create it, live it... the life you dream of!

If this is you:

You are ready to:

  • Choose love, success and freedom
  • Get your life back on track
  • Awaken your authentic self
  • Strengthen your personal power
  • Awaken to your life fulfilment
  • Change positively the direction of your life
  • Express your uniqueness
  • Get to your vision successfully
  • Reignite your life authentically.

I thank you for exploring my proven transformational products and programmes.

I can guarantee you perfect harmony as a result of working with me.

Pascale Gibon Story. My Story - Have you ever felt that your life is not on track?

“I am 37 years old. I have a very comfortable life, and everything seems fine from the outside. However, that particular day I am sitting at my desk at work shuffling paper around as a Personal Assistant, and I am thinking to myself as I look out of the window: "This cannot be it for my life, I am bored and designed for more." During this moment of stagnation, my soul is dying. This feeling of inadequacy and misalignment goes on for about three months.

At the end of a working day, I make my way home. When I reach the underground, I am pensive and walk slowly on the platform in a state of despair. I am thinking my life is not working, and I am unhappy. My intuition tells me that I am not doing what I am supposed to be doing, and I feel very depressed about the lack of fulfilment. 

The truth is I am going through a period of existential angst. I want to understand the purpose of my life. I feel there is something in me seeking a more significant expression to make a difference in the world and create an impact.

I hit rock bottom mentally, and I need a way out. I can no longer carry on the way things are. The pain is so deep that something has to change, and I need an answer.

I want to be, do and have more: a purposeful life experience.

I want to:

  • Feel alive again
  • Fall in love with my life
  • Be energized by what I do
  • Believe that my life matters, I matter
  • Feel like I am living up to my full potential
  • Love more.

I think if I know why I am here, my whole life will change for the better.

As a firm believer in prayer, I trust that I will receive guidance. I am about to fall asleep, and I ask God: Father

  • “Why am I here?”
  • “What am I here to do?”
  • “What is the purpose of my life?”

Being clairaudient, I hear the answer loud and clear: “Your life’s purpose is to enhance people’s lives.” When I hear my life’s purpose, it feels as if a heavyweight is lifted off my shoulders. I feel lifted with joy."

This moment marks the beginning of my spiritual journey as a complementary therapist, reiki healer and meditation teacher. 

My transformational journey does not end there, though. I deepen my life purpose experience when I discover, through my therapy clients, the need to work on the mind for total wellness. Subsequently, I have facilitated personal development as a Life Success Consultant since 2009, and I published my first bestselling book, YES! TO Love™ in 2016. I am also a certified Canfield Success Principles Trainer.

From this experience, I understand that my life has no meaning without a purpose.

My secret revelation is that your next level of spiritual evolution is to expand your awareness so that you can serve others. For this purpose, I created the Yes! To Love Principle.

As a result of my quest to live my purpose, I regained my zest for life, and I live a life I love, a purposeful and fulfilling life.

I wish you to strive, to be your best self, to do what you love, and to love what you do authentically. This place of authenticity is the complete expression of what feels right to you from the bottom of your heart and the full expression of your unique gifts and talents that describes you at best. Your potential self is infinite.

Let me guide you and help you get to your vision faster and without delay. Let me help you get clear about how to: 

  • Transition from where you are to where you want to be authentically.
  • Build the courage and confidence to reignite your life without excuses.
  • Live a life you truly love, a purposeful and fulfilling life to self-realize.

To your extraordinary life of love!

With love and gratitude

Start Reigniting Your Life. Now.

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