In Life Transition? Unhappy With The Status Quo? Bored With Your Life? Unsung Song Inside of You? It's Time To Reignite Your Life Powerfully!

I help awakening women in life transition transcend successfully self imposed limitations, unleash their gifts and accomplish their intentional goals so that they can reignite their life powerfully in line with their highest ideals.

What if you could apply a proven method to get out of your way and live the extraordinary, purposeful and soulful life you are meant to live? My L.R.S Method will show you how.

Pascale Gibon is the bestselling author of YES TO Love, the Founder of Yes To Training and Yes To Love Academy and the Creator of The Love, Rise, Shine Method.

Attention: Awakening women who hear the whisper in their ears to release the brakes and need help to answer their calling...

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A Message Of Love

Start Reigniting Your Life Powerfully Today And Get Your Sparkle Back!

Do you feel it is time to move on powerfully?

Many women in life transition feel lost because they are unclear about their next steps, they have lost sight of who they are and do not know which way to turn.

A life transition can be intentional: You tell yourself that enough is enough! You know that your life is not working which makes you feel dispirited and you are ready for a dramatic change however, you are unclear about where to start.

A life transition can be unexpected: Your life can be turned upside down without you noticing and you cannot make sense of the various changes taking place. You are unclear about where to go next.

Whatever your life transition may be, you find yourself in what William Bridges, the author of "Transitions," calls the Neutral Zone. I have been in this neutral zone many times and you can read my story here.

When you find yourself in the neutral zone ie. you desire to reignite your life powerfully and shift from the old to the new, you feel uncertain, lack clarity and fear change. Consequently, you might give up on your dreams and life fulfilment because you believe that you do not have a choice and you lack the courage and confidence to make it happen.

What if you could make the most of your life transition and create an extraordinary life?

Is it you?

You have stumbled upon this website because you are ready to:

  • Reignite your life powerfully and get your sparkle back.
  • Ease your life transition to a more fulfilling and blissful life.
  • Awaken your authentic self to reignite your life powerfully.
  • Solve your inner turmoil to get peace, harmony and freedom for a blissful life.
  • Maximize your potential as you learn how to transition from the 'Neutral Zone'  to living the life you are meant to live.
  • Live your purpose.

Hi, I am Pascale

I am the author of the Amazon bestseller YES! TO™ Love, the Founder of YES! TO™ Training and YES! TO™ Love Academy and the creator of The L.R.S Method™.

I am passionate about helping awakening women in life transition reignite their life powerfully, get their sparkle back, find peace and freedom, get their life back on track,  reach their potential, answer their calling and increase their happiness ten-fold so that they can fulfil their highest purpose and live a life they love.

I am fully committed to my life purpose, which is to guide thousands of women to happiness with love and joy in the context of understanding and compassion.

Success Stories

I attracted new clients

“I joined The Success Checklist Coaching programme because I wanted to build self-confidence, gain clarity in my business and generally just be clear about the direction I want to take in my life.

I was delighted because it was essential for me to get regular support. I got profound insights that were directly clarifying my situation. The main things I got out of this programme were:

  1. Clarity in the way I want to build my business
  2. I took action I was scared to take before, or I did not know I was able to take.
  3. I was also able to create balance in my life between my work and rest, which was an essential element for me to progress further in my work.

It was fun and enjoyable. Every session brought me something new. During the coaching programme, I attracted new clients who value my work and see my greatness. So I made a significant step to progress in my work.”

- Gabriella Zajarosova

I am a lot more happier

“I needed a reset in my life and found out what direction to take next. The course helped me immensely to find out where to go from here. Each week I could just see the progress building up, which brought me to the point where I realised there were so many other things out there I wanted to do. The course has brought me mainly a lot more happiness in my life. As a result of the Success Checklist Coaching Programme

  1. I am happier in my life.
  2. I awakened to my inner potential
  3. I have grown in self-awareness
  4. I rescued a lot of my authentic values
  5. I got in touch with the true me I had lost touch of
  6. Brought out the best in me
  7. Allowed me to do something amazing in my life.”

- Vivian Pertile

How We Can Help

Reignite Your Life Powerfully And Get Your Sparkle Back

Your Journey Starts Here...


Get Unstuck For Clarity Sake

Do you struggle with accepting change in your life and find yourself resisting it?

Change is inevitable and it can be an outstanding experience when viewed as part of your personal development and success process.

Unhappy with the status quo but resisting change and feeling stuck?

Start reigniting your life powerfully now by learning how to let go of the resistance to change, break the barriers to change and embrace change powerfully.

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Learn how to improve yourself to step into your greatness, stand out and matter and live your life on purpose.

Get Inner Peace

Stand up and start transforming your life powerfully

  • Do you feel you get in the way of your happiness and personal success?
  • Do you feel that your life is off track and off-balance?
  • Do you feel you lost touch with who you are?
  • Do you feel you are not really able to cope with the demands of everyday life?
  • Do you feel trapped in a life you do not love?
  • Do you want to bounce back and get your sparkle back?

It is time to stand up and live an abundant life!

Improve your wellbeing, feel good about yourself and be free as you start transforming your life from the inside out and get inner peace.

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Learn how to get to your vision so that you can live your purpose and feel fulfilled.

Shine Your Light

Reignite your life powerfully by living with purpose.

Start to harness your inner power, breakthrough to your greatness and stand out.

  • Do you want to step into your greatness and maximize your potential with more ease?
  • Do you feel it is time to optimise your aspirations?
  • Do you want to discover who you truly are?
  • Do you want to discover your unique gifts?

Empower yourself, face your fear and embrace success with the 5-day Challenge.
Feel alive, feel good about yourself, feel true to yourself, be the best that you can be and be free.

Click on the button to register for the FREE workshop: "Face Your Fear" The 5 Day ChallengeTo Embrace Success.

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  • When you are at a crossroads taking your life to the next level can be a very scary experience, especially when resistance sets in. However, it does not have to be that way.
  • When you are held accountable through personal or group coaching this is when you can experience life-changing results.

Start reigniting your life powerfully today!


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Experts Testimonials

Say YES! to Love

"Pascale Gibon has done a beautiful job of expressing all we need to know to really transform our lives into lives of love. So say YES! to Love"

- Marci Shimoff, NY Times #1 Bestselling Author of 'Love For No Reason'

Find greater life balance

"Wow! Pascale D. Gibon has produced a remarkable book. YES! TO Love is an effective and practical guide for greater life balance. The 3 steps formula for everyday life balance is easy to follow and will help you transform your life."

- Raymond Aaron, NY Times #1 Bestselling Author

Books: By Pascale Gibon

YES! TO Love - The Ultimate Guide To Personal Transformation For Everyday Life Balance by Pascale Gibon- 3D Pink Cover

YES! TO® Love

The Ultimate Guide to Personal Transformation for Everyday Life Balance.

Discover in YES! TO® Love the secrets to personal transformation so that you:

  • Experience a renewed sense of well being as you improve all of your relationships including the relationship with yourself.
  • Develop greater inner balance and peace so you live an abundant life.
  • Experience renewed energy and inspiration to fuel your love and find joy in your heart.

Fuel Your Love And Live A Miraculous Life Today!


The Essential Guide To Success Checklist

The 30-Day Challenge to Build Your Path to Success and Fulfil Your Life's Purpose.

In just 30 days you will:

  • Learn how to stay on track with Pascale's proven step-by-step Success Checklist Roadmap so that you start strong and finish strong as your get to your purposeful vision.
  • Get crystal clear about the next step that will lead you to consistent results and success.
  • Commit to the Circle of Excellence and affirm your greatness as you stay the course.

Find fulfilment and start living your purpose successfully today!


Attention: Women in life transition who are ready to reignite their life authentically

Discover The step by step L.R.S Method to let go of limitations and find the key to a flowing life.